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DruitCraft weekly study group the Three’s

Post by coyoteblack » 23 Jun 2014, 04:55

DruitCraft weekly study group the Three’s

The initial energy of the Ace’s begins to find direction and purpose in the two’s and when that energy moves forward synthesis and creation begins

3 of Swords
In the image there is a stone heart lying in front of a tree bared to its heart with three circler holes directly above the sword points leaning against it as the pommels rest on the stone heart.
This is one of those cards that always confused me. We have a suit of logic and verbal communication, a number that generally is about synthesis or at the least one meets two and something happens, hence creation.
But the picture generally shows a broken heart which does not seem to go with the element or number.
After almost a decade with this deck I take it to mean the pointy swords pierce the heart showing the truth. The broken heart comes from the illusion of the perfect someone or something being broken. But because this is a card of logic we can learn and grow out of the knowledge gained here.
So we have the creation and synthesis of new thoughts and way of thinking but only after going through the knowledge and experience that comes from making it through tough times and realizing bad experiences are also some of the best learning experiences when you make it through the other side.

“ The 3 diverging swords = the 3 rays of 'Awen' - the Celtic 'flowing Spirit' . /l\. Many people wear this symbol as a silver or wooden pendant - or even a tattoo. It is connected with Freemasonry. Among many other things, it shows wisdom coming out of suffering. “ I read this in a discussion group at Tarotforum.

Three of Wands

Element: Fire – Passion, Energy, Commerce, Willpower
Number: 3 – Creation, Synthesis

There is a man standing on a hill behind 3 saplings overlooking a road. The man is looking down the road waiting on something. He could be waiting on his own caravan to come down the road that he invested in.

This card is about the ace of wands finding the two and creating an opportunity after the initial investment the business is about to take off the business opportunity will happen this is a time to believe in yourself , your group , your ideas!!

Three of Cups

Element of Water – Emotions . Feelings, subconscious
Number 3 Synthesis, creation , channeling the Lady

We have three people in a tavern or mead hall celebrating, goblets raised cheers to a good time the group is happy and loving life .!!!

All of the minor arcana in some ways are part of the major representing the same number. So in this case the lady who stands for creation and bounty and a cornucopia of awesomeness!!

This card is about having a good time the emotions of water go with the creativity and bounty of the lady in joining the three of creations!

This is a good time a celebrating of time well spent enjoy the time but remember they worked for this they earned this good time it was not handed to them.

Three of Pentacles

Element of Earth – Final creations, work, health, money
Three – creations

This card has a master craftsman engraving three pentacles into stone. There is a cat at his feet and three people admiring his work.

There some cards where an element and a number are just perfect for one another. Three and creation and pentacles which deals with all things physical are both happy as happy can be.

This is also a partially confusing card as the master craftsmen is at the three and the apprentice is at the seven. what to remember about this card is it can be just as much about the admirers and potential investors as it is about the craftsmen also the seven is about starting something new.

This card is about being admired for your work, being appreciated for time well spent .so if a person was feeling underappreciated at work or home now is the time to enjoy the praise a chance at a raise or some other reward. It can also be about receiving a possible investor.

In General the threes are about a good time as it is expressed through the element of the card. The Swords might not seem so but of all the cards in the threes the sword can have the longest benefit. There is a saying I will paraphrase “the truth shall set you free, but first it can hurt a bit”

There is a lot I do not mention in the cards like breaking down each symbol, color, and even its place on the tree of life or the golden dawn quabalah version of astrology as it relates to each card. I do this so we still have room for discussion latter but also to much information is overwhelming.


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