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DruidCraft Weekly study group, the Four’s

Post by coyoteblack » 30 Jun 2014, 05:17

The Fours are some of the easiest cards to talk about because they represent stability, security, structure, stillness. They are ruled by the lord in this deck and emperor in others. Also these cards have some of the more common names assigned to them like the meditation card, the miser card, dissatisfaction, and the feeling of completing something or a stable home.
There is also a little warning in all four of these cards it is nice to rest and enjoy what you have but if you do not decide to grow and move on something will motivate you to which is why we have the scary fives .

Four of Wands

Element Fire Passion, Energy of the soul anything we can feel passionate about and/or we put out heart and soul into.
There are four wands with what looks like garland entwined between them on top with a hearth fire below. There is a past leading to a home with no people in site.
The stability of the fours and element of fire give a good understanding of this card.
This is about finishing the first part of a project, a happy secure home, a period of rest after movement.
Cuddle of and enjoy the respite remember fire likes to move and if left unchecked it can cause some issues

Four of Pentacles
Element Earth Physical, money, health
There is a guy with a bag in his hand about to open up a chest. He is all consumed by this chest.
This card has earned the nick name miser card because the stability and security of the 4’s wants to hold on to the possessions and feels out of sorts if the pantry is not full and wallet is not flowing with money.
On the other hand if a person spends too much money without considering the consequences the this card would tell them to relax and save for a rainy day.

Four of Swords

Element Air, communication, logic.
There is a man sitting to a tree with three swords next to him and a sword on his lap.
This card is called the meditation card and for good reason. The talkative, busy, hyper Air suit as come up against the stillness of the four. You can get the feeling this man has seen many battles and would like to sit back and meditate on what is going on so can act on this situation with cold reason .

Four of Cups
Element Water , Emotions, dreams, subconscious
There is a woman staring intently at three cups that are empty while a cup on top of the tree has a cup filled with water.
This is often called the card of dissatisfaction or grass is greener on the other side. Water likes to move and if water is in the same place or to long it becomes stagnant. The elixir of life becomes bad.
I want to tell the woman look up it is not bad help is a arms reach away but she is really focused on the three empty cups.
When dealing with relationships and maters of the heart life might not be as bad as it seems just readjust your focus. If a person is sullen or dealing with depression try and have them focus on the good things like making a gratitude list.


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