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DruidCraft weekly study group Sixes

Postby coyoteblack » 14 Jul 2014, 04:37

DruidCraft weekly study group Sixes

This is an awesome time for Tarot. After making it through the fives and the inherent challenges they present we come to the sixes In the DruidCraft there is an awesome added definition of the seasons. The ace’s fall on the solstices and the six’s fall on Samhian/Cups , Imbolic/Pentacles . Beltane/Swords, and Lughnasadh/Wands on the great wheel.
The six’s bring joy by balance, integration, Union, Harmony. It is ruled by the lover’s card and Tiperath on the Tree of life.
The message of the Sixes according to DruidCraft tarot book is “Meeting as last, there is union. Serenity flows from me at this point of balance.”

Six of Wands

Keywords: Victory, Success, Fame, Leadership
Description: A leader rides a large white horse leading his troupe home to victory as everyone is smiling except for the leader who looks a little smug but exudes leader and victory. There is green everywhere except the leader has a red cape and boots. He seems like the guy I would like to be when I am his age even the belly seems like he is saying” I am this way because I can afford it”

Meaning: This is the card of victory achieved by hard work and sometimes after a fight or struggle. This card like all sixes is about bringing something together and forming something. So it is also about bring people together for a reason in this case shared joy of winning.
Just be careful as this can lead to a pompous person overly full of themselves. Or a bully after a win.

Six of Cups

Keywords: Integrating memory, reunion, Exchange, and Nostalgia
Description: There is a man looking out of his window at what appears are his children. I just want to saw “awww, they are so cute “ they are 6 cups with what looks lie jewelry, precious stones or at least baubles expressing wealth. The clouds in the sky are thin so just enough to prevent uncomfortable glair, heat, or sunburn. The cups the children have are silver the man has a gold goblet. Since this is a card or emotions I would say everyone is emotionally content and happy.
Meaning: There is so much joy and happiness in this card you just want to jump up and shout with joy. It is also about loving memory, bringing family together and all the emotional joys that come from family and friends.
On the other side it can be holding on to old memories and not letting go of the past.

Six of Swords

Keywords: Journeying, Solace, Healing and leaving a tough situation and going towards a good place, situation.
Description: It is dusk there is a boat with an older man and a younger woman with a hermit looking fellow punting, or polling a boat through a swamp. The couple looks content and happy. The man steering the boat looks like he knows what he is doing.
Meaning: the book states the normal strife associated with the swords is abated or stopped. The couple are leaving a bad situation or relationship and going towards something better. With swords being Air it is about thinking, communication, or just a situation involving thought and speech bad words spoken. How many relationships were ruined by something said and someone holding a grudge. These people know to get away and have a sanity break.
It can also be about leaving problems behind or hiding from them but not actually dealing with it instead just leaving it behind.

Six of Pentacles

Keywords: Generosity, Patronage, Gifts, Charity
Description: An older gentleman sits under a tree with six pentacles hanging from the tree. The man holds a staff in one hand and a coin in his other hand. He is handing out the coin to three people. It is winter and there seems to be mistletoe hanging from what looks like an oak tree.
Meaning; to paraphrase what the book states “in accordance of the wiccan law of threefold return, yields more than can be imagined “The idea is after the pain and heartbreak of the fives a person is in a position to give charity. In giving charity of whatever can be given it will come back threefold or more.
On the other hand it can be about spending unwisely and doing things to people please just for attention or bribery.

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