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DruidCraft weekly study group the 7’s

Posted: 21 Jul 2014, 04:58
by coyoteblack
DruidCraft weekly study group the 7’s

Hello All
After the challenges of the fives the fun and happiness of the sixes we are on self-imposed challenges of the sevens. According to the book the key words of the sevens are magic- spirituality and research. The message of the sevens is “looking within, I explore the shining stars” .The book also mentions the deep mysteries of the sevens.

Seven of Wands
Description: There is a man by himself holding a staff defending the high ground against 6 spearmen.
Keywords: Struggle, challenge, and overcoming obstacles
Something to consider this card is wands hence fire card dealing with energy and community the spark of life if you will. It is about a struggle a person knowingly takes and is glad to do it. This is a fight for a reason and one the person believes in and must take. Sort of a fight the good fight but this is not necessarily a physical fight.
Seven of Cups
Description Six cups lay under the water and a filled goblet lays on a rock near the man. The man is dressed in red and is dreamily lost in contemplation of just day dreaming.
Key words: Seduction, Illusion, the grail quest.
This card is traditionally about day dreaming, lack of focus as the perfectly good goblet is next to the man. It is also about having too many consideration and day dreaming or fantasying about them and not taking a concrete step forward to make it happen. It is ok to build your castles in the sky , as long as it has a foundation in the ground.

Seven of Swords
Description: An older man sits at his desk writing with a quill. There seven swords with different pommels 3 horizontal on the table and 4 standing up against the table.
Keywords: Insight, Strategy, research
It is really awesome that this card differs from the common picture of the card with thievery of swords. This is about the logic, and intellect of the swords, meets the mythical sevens. Thus is about new ideas fresh thinking. It is also about using intellect to solve a problem and coming up with a cunning solution. The problem can arise when the consequences are not considered or if you will have to harm people in the way of the solution.

Seven of Pentacles
Description: A man in a green cloak in winter uses a gold sickle to cut mistletoe from an oak tree. There are seven pentacles carved in a rock next to the man.
Keywords: bearing fruit, harvesting, clearing
This card has a traditional meaning of it is time to wait you planted and now it will bear fruit. This card can also say It is time to clear the clutter away.
This card can be about wanting a reward, payment for something done. The issues arise when the person cannot wait and demands satisfaction now.