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DruidCraft weekly study group Eight’s

Post by coyoteblack » 28 Jul 2014, 04:37

DruidCraft weekly study group Eight’s

The book states eight is common in Wicca and Druid work as the eight fold year there are eight seasons , four holidays are astronomical four are pastoral . Numerology teaches us eights are abundance and manifestation. Traveling through the year and attuning to the seasons places us in sync with nature and adds to the power or manifestation.
Keywords: Abundance, Manifestation, Diligence, Harvest
The message of the eights:
Message is working with the flow of life, I sow and I harvest I give birth to my world.

Eight of Wands
A young man is throwing a javelin as he stands on atop the high ground
Keywords Speed Synchronicity Accomplishment
Here we have the fire of this suit with generally is the fastest with all that pent up energy in tune with the eight fold year. A traditional meaning of this card is lord of swiftness.
The book states your goal is either attained or is about to. This card is about movement and the energy of fire. Things can move at hyper speed in travel, thoughts, inspiration. But it can also lead to burnout or the opportunity going so fast and a person misses it like just heading to the train stop and the train is leaving.

Eight of Swords
Description: a woman is bound and blindfolded she stands barefoot between 8 swords. But her feet and legs are free she can move all she has to do is navigate the swords.
Keywords: Restriction potential for liberation
It is funny how polar opposite yet alike the 8 of swords and 8 of wands are. Swords are verbal communication, thought, logic, breath the suit of air. As the wands are moving at lightning speed somewhere the swords are not moving at all but for both the end result is in front of them.
The swords/air feels trapped by their own making too many thought lead to confusion so she has decided to regain focus. Remember meditation can be about singleness of thought focus on your breath, or a single thought. The blindfold is actually helping here. When confusion abounds stop and relax. But also this card can be about making our own prison can’t see the forest for the trees applies here.

Eight of cups
A man is walking up a hill away from the 8 cups that are below. Is is night and he is using a walking staff to walk up the hill.
Letting go seeking your higher purpose moving on
The eights and completion meet up with the emotions feelings of water also subconscious communication as in dreams. The trick here understands we can know a person, thought, feeling, situation for a season and sometimes it is time to go. Most everyone can talk about a relationship that went on to long and it became harmful. In this case the person knows it is time to move on. It can also mean a union with the higher self that lies in us.

Eight of Pentacles
a young man pours liquid gold into a mold of a pentacle. The other 7 pentacles are completed. There is told of the trade and pottery on the table and a kiln in the background
Steady progress, training, apprenticeship
This is a card where the completion, manifestation of eight works so well with its element of Earth. Practical, physical, but slow and steady moving earth naturally comes to fruition with all things physical.
This has long been known as the apprentice card, it is about learning a new trade or a new way of doing things and slow and steady wins the race.


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