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DruidCraft weekly study group Tens

Post by coyoteblack » 11 Aug 2014, 05:20

DruidCraft weekly study group Tens

Hello All
This is the last installment for the minors after this we go to the court cards which are their own special amount of fun. I am not sure if we will go into the court cards right away or go over where the minors get their definitions from and some other fun stuff.

The 10’s are in part an ending and part a new beginning as numerology starts at 0 and ends at 9. Ten is the next level but it is also the last of the minors the court cards have traditionally been tough to learn although my best instruction came from the DruidCraft book.

This is another good description from thirteen over in tarot forum
http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/learn/me ... tens.shtml
“As the aces were the pure, elemental spark of the suit, the tens are the element of the suit complete, both physical and spiritual.
These cards are about what completes that turn of the wheel, getting it back to "1" and yet carrying with it all that it has experienced through those other numbers on its way round the circle.”

Keywords for tens culmination beginning
The message of the tens is: In giving birth I am complete a new life begins seeds fall on fertile grounds once more

10 of wands
Description: an older gentleman has 10 wands on his back held somewhat haphazard and he is walking up a rocky path. He looks burdened he looks like he is walking on top of the stones instead of walking an easy path.
Keywords Demands- Burdens- Overwork
Wands can be a tough suit to understand sometimes it is representing the passion and spiritual energy of fire and sometime is show events like victory, fighting, and competition of wands. In this case it is about all the energy we can spend to get to a final point and not knowing what do do with it. That is my opinion why the man is going out of his way to do everything he can to make carrying these wands as hard as possible.
On the other side he has worked very hard for this he did the work now he just needs to relax a bit reexamine his priorities in order to readjust and move forward.
Ten of Cups
Description: everything about his card just makes me want to say “ awwwwww oh my goodness how cute” maybe the happiest family ever is sitting on the front porch the mother is holding the baby the farther and son are staring at each other as they are about to talk about the day.
Keywords Happiness, Love , Fulfillment
This is the traditional happy family card . as it applies to cups the family stopped to take an assessment of what is important and decided family , love, joy in the moment are the way to go. Emotions are sailing with the wind and everything is going well.
On the other hand it is comfortable to spend time with the family but love will not pay the rent it is east to get caught up in emotions and not focus on the daily chores and the need to move forward.
Ten of Swords
Description: a fallen warrior is o the ground his staff, helmet, and shield are scattered around. He has 10 swords in his back and looks like someone said “I am going to kill him a lot’
Keywords: Nadir, Betrayal, Unmerited hatred
The first things that come to mind are ouch and over kill. This card was originally drawn with a man on the ground and 10 swords evenly placed on his back and no blood so the assumption it is not really a physical death but more a spiritual death and the swords were on his chakra points.
Remember swords are about logic, thinking, brain power, and verbal communication. Words hurt our experiences are made up a lot by our perception and in this case it is more about beating a dead horse over and over. The situation is at a close it can go no further. You have though it through and exercised speech to its fullest it is an end.
On the good side this card can tell a person they fought enough stop fighting surrender is not quitting but stop fighting and join the winning side.
There is a saying in 12 step recovery” a person will continue bad behavior until the pain is great enough and then and only then will they make a change “
10 of Pentacles

Description an older man who looks to be the grandfather sits down around what could be his family the younger daughter in red and green is dotting on him and the dog who faithfully sits near his feet. A younger man has his hands resting on the char the granddad sits in and another young person hangs a pentacle in the house.
Keywords: Blessing, Prosperity, Legacy
This card is about a man that put the work in invested wisely and is enjoying the fruits of his labor. Druidry, Wicca ,all value blessings and huna shamanism for that matter. Druids also value the ancestors of family, land, blood, tradition. This card is also about a legacy .
There is a lot of happiness in this card that comes from work and being a value to society and others. We do not have to live the life of a hermit to attain spirituality we can be a value in any community we live in.


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