Deeper look at the of 3 of Wands

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Deeper look at the of 3 of Wands

Post by coyoteblack » 20 Aug 2014, 04:39

Deeper look at the of 3 of Wands

I know we did this card already I just wanted to show where some of the traditional meanings come from and how to take a deeper look at a Tarot card.

Three of Wands

Major symbols:
The man: Over looking the road can be a brigand looking for a un weary knight or a business man waiting for his caravan to come home.
The road: Possibilities can tell how much is known. But defiantly waiting for something
3 saplings: new energy growth you get the feeling he planted them and is waiting for them to grow.

Element: Fire – Passion, Energy, Commerce , Willpower
Number: 3 – Creation, Synthesis , Binah Supernal Mother

Sphere on the Tree of Life
Sphere 3 Form (Binah). The energy of the Two of Wands has
taken form in the Three as a specific field of endeavor.

Sun in Aries. You take charge of the situation (Sun) by taking
direct action to influence events to your liking (Aries).

Bringing it all Together: The man In the picture looking out at the road can be using the waiting on a caravan he invested in to come back Sun, Aries , Binah , fire and the 3 would all agree this is a possible way of looking at it He can use those energies for no good as well.
Also after initial success he can be resting on his laurels ad never progressing to much Aries fire needs to be fed. That road can lead to no where and maybe he can not accept this.


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