Current events -- please read first

How do current events relate to Druidry?
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Current events -- please read first

Post by Selene » 16 Dec 2009, 08:30

Current Events encompasses issues involving politics, religion, and global news, etc., and how they relate to Druidry.

You are invited to bring to this forum news from your country, especially when you can relate that news to how our path of Druidry speaks to each event. We suggest that topic authors indicate in the subject line the country to which the news pertains (USA, UK, etc.) when possible, for clarity.

Also, be aware that this forum is set to "autoprune," meaning that once a week, topics that have been idle for 90 days will be deleted. If you wish to see an old topic preserved, please contact me and ask that it marked "sticky"; if appropriate, I will do so

When reading a thread, please remember that many newsworthy items may evoke a spectrum of emotions within the readers, and when conflicting views expressed, volatile situations may develop. All opinions are welcomed but anyone choosing to participate is expected to show respect for the membership of this board and for the intent of this forum.

At all times, participants in this forum are expected to abide by the Registration Agreement and it is a violation to post with the intent of evoking an inappropriate reaction from someone else. However, please keep in mind that the membership of this board spans the globe, and we are a diverse group; skills in expressing oneself in writing and even in communicating in English can vary widely, and sometimes perceived insults or apparent trolling are caused more by the difficulty of accurately conveying meaning through electronic means than by intent of the poster. Please consider all possible mitigating factors when reading and replying, but also please do not hesitate to report an offensive post by clicking the "!" button at the top right of each post, or by contacting a global moderator or admin by PM or e-mail.

As citizens of this world, we all have a vested interest in events happening within and outside of our own countries, and this forum is here for that purpose. It is to everyone's advantage to keep the forum accessible to all by maintaining civility within discussions and by each participant taking responsibility for his or her own posts.


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