Living Where You Don't Want To

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Living Where You Don't Want To

Post by Aphritha » 17 Jul 2014, 17:37

Well, I'm stuck. Quite literally. Its happened once again. The sanctity of my home has been compromised, and we're now a few instruments short. Someone(the neighbors) broke onto our porch(a VERY small area which was used as a closet) and stolen some things from us. Thankfully, no one was hurt this time around, but I am so disgusted with this place I can hardly stomach it. My city has been becoming more and more unruly. I don't feel safe here, and I have valid reason to feel this way. In the last ten years, I've had someone try to rape me, I've been assaulted in my home, and had the offenders return with intent to take my life. I've had my property(home, car, paid storage)broken into and lost my belongings. I've managed to stay afloat though. I just don't want to be here(in this city) anymore.
But, I'm stuck for at least another year. We won't have the financial means for another move until then, and even then its going to be tricky. How does one cope being in a place they're afraid of for an extended period of time?

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Re: Living Where You Don't Want To

Post by DaRC » 18 Jul 2014, 11:24

:anx: ahh that sounds horrible and it is a horrible feeling when you've been robbed.
I've never been in your particular circumstance - the most dangerous place I lived it was ok as they didn't attack people who lived in their neighbourhood... well actually it was probably the 2nd most dangerous place, as I lived opposite serial killers but only found out long after I'd moved out of that city (when they got caught).

However, I have been trapped in bad circumstances. The only way I dealt with it was to focus twofold:
1 - the daily existance, just get through on a day by day basis. Keep the knowledge that all things pass
2 - focus all spare energy on achieving the 'next step' to get out of your bad circumstance

On one of the bad days the Runes brought an image (from an old film - Master & Commander) of a pair of hands grasping tight to a hand rail. The hands had "Hold Fast" tattoed across their knuckles. :thinking: Some days you just have to weather the storms.
Most dear is fire to the sons of men,
most sweet the sight of the sun;
good is health if one can but keep it,
and to live a life without shame. (Havamal 68) Image

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Re: Living Where You Don't Want To

Post by Fire oak » 18 Jul 2014, 12:23

We were robbed while on holiday this year so I know how that feels Aphritha. We weren't at risk ourselves but our belongings were and for the rest of the holiday it was difficult to relax and trust things would be safe.

The only time I've lived somewhere where I might have been at risk the people concerned looked after their own and as neighbours I was one of their own fortunately.

I've no idea what it feels like to live constantly in fear though so no advice here but am holding you in my thoughts hoping you can find a way to not only survive there but live.
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