To the Counselling of all future Generations

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To the Counselling of all future Generations

Post by Yanclae » 20 Dec 2014, 22:24

[From an Ambassador and Representative of the species of man, in this generation on this planet]

Cascading frequencies, settle until you imagine the light that Mother would withhold from the generations of man, until finally there rose up a kind of man capable of containing and shepherding this Light on behest of the planet.

I am sincerely sorry to you, for the devastation and loss of diversity that has occurred in the century that I have originated. The intention of the earth, in the guidance of spirits, has not matched with the burden of intent of my entire generation's work. Ye generations of this world to come, are witnessed to the devastation, the wantonness even depravity, in the artifacts (or rather "made-by-machine") that mar the face of your planet.

There is a one who has worked relentlessly, and without trace, for the furtherance and preparation of the face of the eart in fertility so as to bless you, the generations who will inherit my footstep. There is a one who shall continue, though in times of peril. There is a one who remains verdant in the glossy surface and matted walls-corridors of a modern town. He does not produce waste, though there is a one who is responsible for the discarded waste-fortune of an entire generation.
Take it upon you to be like me, oh ye generations of earth-to-come. Salvage what you can, and work year-in for the adding of a new layer to the earth's coat, the many layers of her fertility. Make the earth fruitful and plentiful, and so shall your progeny be.
To the Underlaying Unity of All LIFE so that the Voice of Intuition
MAY GUIDE US CLOSER to Our Common Keeper


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