Eco-Druidry, it's a practical way of daily living

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Eco-Druidry, it's a practical way of daily living

Postby IsabelC » 21 May 2015, 00:30

"Eco-Druidry" is not just being connected to the Earth spiritually or understanding the concepts intellectually, but something much deeper-

Here's the blog post that started it, which, I have to say, pretty much sums up my way of viewing Druidry, since I came to it via Permaculture: ... o-druidry/
And this one is along the same lines, but brings up different points: ... talk-2014/

Someone asked if the term "Eco-Druid" wasn't redundant, since the Druidry does have some focus on communing with nature and being environmentally responsible, trying to make a difference in the world...But this is something MUCH deeper!

And I don't think it's redundant-it's something akin to having magic glasses that let you see more deeply into nature.... I've seen Druids who go to marches, anti-fracking rallies, community cleanups, etc. and Druids who see it as more of a religion or a philosophy that goes along with any religion, and who go into groves to pray, meditate, do ritual etc. But this is not about being "environmentally responsible" or "doing ritual".

What I personally think an "Eco-Druid" is, or rather, I like Perma-Druid...It's about being "Ground Level" if you will, on a DAILY basis. Not just for community or spiritual purposes but to know what the soil smells and tastes like, to understand the bacterias and microbes you are taking into your system, to grow food (even just a little) and eat it, smell make your own medicine and fermented foods, to drink wild water, to get wet, dirty and smelly DAILY...To understand patterns in nature, and to know the patterns in your place, your bioregion, your observe deeply the things that go on daily in nature in your smell in the wind something has changed-be it soil, person, animal, weather, be able to predict things based on what others overlook...To me it's about being in the body not just in the head...and it brings a deep peace...
That's as close as I can get to my definition... But to me, that's where the spiritual nature of it comes that deep deep level of not just knowing but tasting, touching, hearing and smelling.... :warm:
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Re: Eco-Druidry, it's a practical way of daily living

Postby Carbonscorpion » 14 Aug 2015, 10:20

I agree there's a logical and spiritual connection between daily ritual practice, and how as individuals the decisions we make impact the greater community of life and our knowledge and observations of our local biosphere. And when I'm making honest efforts to that end I definitely feel more of a connection during my spiritual practice.

My initial detailed introduction to druidry was reading John Michael Greer's The Druidry Handbook, in that he makes the explicit point that for his order new initiates should take some steps towards living a more harmonious life with nature. There's also requirements like visiting a natural place at least once a week to simply observe, studying at least 9 books during the year on your local ecosystem, etc. My sense is OBOD is geared to be all-inclusive, that in the most extreme hyperbole someone locked in a cage with only their mind could still practice druidry. With that, I'm curious how much the Order's coursework over time will touch on things like this.

To the all-inclusive point, I think that eco-druidry will mean different things for all sets of people. Individuals that live in an urban center aren't going to start their own sustainable farm, but they might acquire and care for some apartment plants, walk to more places, be mindful of their water usage. When individuals together make small improvements towards a more natural life it has a huge impact practically, and for some, spiritually. It seems to me like a lot of people get caught up in they're either living in a mud-hut, bathing in a stream, and only eating anything that doesn't cast a shadow... or else why bother; I can drive my SUV 5 miles to the local Walmart and purchase some tomatoes out of season that were flown from the southern hemisphere and ripened with ethylene gas, and somehow it's only $3 a pound!

The link on your blog to the permaculture ethics & principles is an interesting thought piece about how to design, observe, and interact with a system. Me personally? I'm a practical guy, I like lists that tell me explicitly what to do. Greater minds than mine have tackled the riddle of living a more harmonious-knowledgeable suburban life, so I do specific things within the frameworks others have created that make sense to me and aren't going to put-off my familial companions that aren't practicing druidry themselves (although you're welcome to tell my wife to take shorter showers :grin: ).

Thanks for sharing!

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