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Posted: 11 Sep 2010, 15:41
by Cradlehag

I'm popping my head around the door and waving hello :) I have 8 weeks to go to the arrival of a little bundle :) It will be very interesting to be able to talk to other Druids about family related things.


Re: Hello

Posted: 12 Sep 2010, 12:37
by ElementalBeing
Hi Ali,

welcome in anticipation...

Love & light, Richard & Nikki 2

Re: Hello

Posted: 12 Sep 2010, 12:39
by Cradlehag
Thanks Richard, we are just in the sorting everything out stage ~ carpet came yesterday, walls painted, furniture sanded and painted, now it just all needs to come together. I'm hoping we're on time with it all as my best friend's baby just arrived 7 weeks early! Eeeek!

Re: Hello

Posted: 24 Sep 2010, 03:06
by Nikki 2
6 weeks and counting. :) Thinking of you.
Love and Light

Re: Hello

Posted: 24 Sep 2010, 16:37
by Cradlehag
Thanks ~ 3 more weeks at work; I'm lucky to have been given a very easy time since September.

Re: Hello

Posted: 09 Nov 2010, 22:21
by Nikki 2
Hi Ali
Don't forget to give us an update . . . . :D
Brightest Blessings
Nikki. x