My Daughter the Christian

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Re: My Daughter the Christian

Postby Dendrias » 31 Mar 2011, 08:41

A catholic, silly. And Hell isn't half bad.
Did Your partner read this sentences? You've married a catholic and hell isn't half bad? :-)
I'm the kind to believe that every Path, whether it be Christian, Pagan or otherwise, has the potential to be a True Path. It becomes a True Path if the person has a) faith in what they believe, b) their soul has no misgivings about their beliefs and c) that they don't try to tell others what to believe.
Chapeau and good luck to that.

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Re: My Daughter the Christian

Postby leiwolf » 03 Apr 2011, 15:54

Hi thought i might add my lil bit to this

My father is catholic, my mam was in the salvation army. They also joined the momon church, where my middle name came from a momon elder.(They since left) Both me and my sister were raised as christian, and both went to a christian primary school. St James also had other faiths in, such as Muslims and Sikhs. She went to a non christian high school, whilst I, was sent to a strict christian high school. That was due to the level of support that school would give me, as i am dyspraxic. I was also the only church goer in the family, until i was 16, when hormones, work and disagreement with the teaching, gave me an opinion to leave the church. My father and I, had some amazing converstations regarding god, gods and goddesses/ dragons, alternitve universe, reality, in fact all sorts. He has always been very supportive to whatever path I choose, even as far as claiming he had no problems with me marrying into an islamic family, if i so choose. I speant many years looking for my path, even did native american dancing as child. As recent as 18months ago I joined a high magickal order, where the lady in charge belives that if you don't worship or follow her, then your the enemy / or that the druids and others faiths are cock worshippers and are again theirfore the enemy. Even now she is spreading her bigoted views to other people, and is that self deluded, she belives her own hype. I of course left and found obod.
My point i am trying to make, is that my father raised me to be open minded, and he was raised in his faith, whilst the closed minded people were those that are claiming to be pagan.

I would encourage the child to follow what path they would, I would also encourage the child to question my belief and to find the simelar, even by talking about crazy stuff such as the bermuda triangle would plant seeds of exploration and open-mindedness.

The is nothing wrong with the true teachings of christ, because after all he did taught about happiness, love and peace, and i am sure he were a druid. Hope this helps


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