Do your workmates know of your beliefs?

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Green Raven
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Re: Do your workmates know of your beliefs?

Post by Green Raven » 29 Nov 2015, 10:40

Oh, that wasn't a statement of set-in-concrete dogma. "Prove", of course, means to test, and the results keep changing according to the learnéd fashions of the day. They still teach Newtonian physics as a starter in schools but we're all quantum-ites now (apparently). And still can't explain gravity. And maybe there wasn't a 'Big Bang' after all. And why don't blind people walk through walls?

Truth and morals always seem to have been subjective. Were the Incas all psychotic mass murderers as thay ripped hundreds of still-beating hearts out of chests (or approved as it happened)? There seems to have been a political as well as religious aspect to the rites. The north americas' First Nations didn't go in for human sacrifice much - and certainly not on that scale. It's interesting. What is 'evil'? Something I don't approve of? Can the natural world do evil? Non-human mammals do torture for fun. Do they have a moral 'scale' to place that against?

Still, I'll stick to my 'macro-gaia' animistic/ British pantheon type nonprovable personal gnosis, fluffy-here, spiney and bitey there. It works for me and I prefer it to the alternatives. :hug:
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Re: Do your workmates know of your beliefs?

Post by Zylah » 29 Nov 2015, 16:29

Belief for me is a growing thing, ever building, evolving, and changing. My attitude toward sharing that or any other personal thing with coworkers has similarly undergone metamorphosis, at least on a sort of cyclical basis, until at this point I've just adapted it to the particular situation like any other part of me. I don't bring my philosophy up, but I don't hush it up either. It's surprising how inquisitive people often are, and how open to new ideas they can be when said ideas are not being force-fed to them. On the other hand, I've stopped feeling defensive or apologetic when directly confronted or challenged by the more ... assertive ... beliefs of others, and I say precisely what I think without being unduly rude or abrasive [or at least, I attempt such].

All in all, it feels like progress, and I am well content with that. :cloud9:
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Re: Do your workmates know of your beliefs?

Post by BCPantheist » 16 Apr 2016, 07:01

I've always been open about my paganism, regardless of the job (even during my stint in outdoor education and youth ministry), because I don't feel it has anything to do with the job I do, but is a part of who I am. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's said this.
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