Spirituality and leadership

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Spirituality and leadership

Post by somerled » 14 Mar 2011, 13:38

About two years ago, the Belgian federal government started a training program for the middle management on human oriented leadership, called “Vitruvius”. It was based on the middle management first, because they are often the bridge between the top and the collaborators. One of the goals was also to create a self-steering network afterwards, covering different departments.

I was in the first group following this program and I’m still quite active in the network. I’m engaged in different workgroups, such as a group about appreciative inquiry, a group on mindfulness, a group on story-telling, …

In fact, there were a lot of similarities between this program and the OBOD-course. So it gives me the opportunity to explore my druidism in a working context. We are about to investigate another theme to organise a network-activity: spirituality.

I believe leadership is a spiritual path as well and I’m convinced that, when spirituality comes into play, the style of leadership will automatically be a more servant style of leadership. But exactly at what point does spirituality come into play? Is there a certain development required to reach a certain level of spirituality? How exactly does spirituality affect on leadership? You see, there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. :shrug: We only just arrived in the exploration phase.

So, I just wonder if some of you have any experiences with spirituality and leadership. Any reading suggestions or just an opinion about this fascinating topic? :)

In search for interesting activities linked to this theme of spirituality, I came across the “Transformation game”. It looks quite interesting and useful to explore ones own personal spiritual development in relation with leadership. Does anyone have any experiences with this game, and especially in the topics of leadership and spirituality?

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions, stories, experiences, ideas, … :yay:

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Re: Spirituality and leadership

Post by Heddwen » 14 Mar 2011, 13:59

I've just completed a module on this topic it was very interesting.

You know what, I was so chuffed when the same tutor rang me up to take other courses with her on two separate occasions, so this is now my fourth course with her.

Last year, I was unwell during a lecture and had to leave the course which I have now just retaken (I was hospitalised the week after) I did explain this fully to my tutor and she accepted with a big hug. There was no further problem. I do enjoy her teachings and was so pleased that she contacted me again to take the further courses. Also to a Midwinters Tale, which I spoke here about earlier, it was delayed...

So let's sift through the Spin and Hype....look at it logically Why would you wish to be with someone that you dislike?

I hope that the course goes well for you.

Please contact me directly if you wish to clarify anything from the scribble.


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