Getting rid of others' work

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Getting rid of others' work

Postby lanvalle » 19 Oct 2011, 16:40

Hello and Merry Meet (as it's my first time starting a topic)-

I work at a library, specifically a big university library that receives lots of items from people who have passed on and left their works to their alma mater.

My job, as assistant to the librarians, entails discretely getting rid of (i.e. trashing) the above items that may not be wanted by the librarians for whatever reason.

These are personal notes, hand written works, letters... you get the idea.

As may well be expected, a lot of these items are imbued with the energy of those who created them. At times I can feel the presence of these folks.

My method in the past has been to explain (to myself as much as to whatever spirits may be there) why they are being thrown out, explaining that I cannot leave them out for other people to pick up and use because it would reflect badly on the librarians (and get me into a lot of trouble)... but I still feel awful getting rid of these things.

Help? Do you have ideas how I can respectfully get rid of these things? How I might protect myself a bit more from their energy?

Thank you in advance for your comments.


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Re: Getting rid of others' work

Postby Heddwen » 19 Oct 2011, 16:46

I suggest shredding then composting this. The energy will be absorbed by and become part of the Land in this recycling process. You will hopefully feel that you are doing something constructive and proactive about it. :)

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Re: Getting rid of others' work

Postby Crinia » 31 Dec 2011, 04:45

Hello Lanvalle

I did the job you described for a short time as a volunteer in an organisation. I had to ask myself why the people (or their families) felt the need to pass on (usually after their death) the documents into our hands.

My belief was that they wanted the words kept for posterity not necessarily the piece of paper it was written on. Therefore everything was catalogued and digitally scanned. We still have their words for future generations but in a more compact format. The pieces of paper could then be archived or destroyed.

As more people use computers to write I think you job will become easier. At the moment you are caught in between technologies as the cohort who are dying are of the pen and paper generation.

As for energy renewal I always made sure I went and sat under a tree or by the lake whenever I was given a meal break.

Chin up and keep ploughing through the boxes and enjoy the gems you come across now and again.

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Re: Getting rid of others' work

Postby DJ Droood » 09 Sep 2014, 19:25

Awhile back, I had a job in a government archives destroying/recycling everything from mundane things like 20 year old income tax returns to artwork created by prisoners in Federal jails and love notes and pictures from ex-employees who left them in their desk drawers when they left. I feel the magic was in the creation at a specific time and place and these objects were ready to be transformed into a new existence (paper towels, etc) If there was residual magic in these material objects, maybe it carried over into its new existence?
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