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What is your favorite Ogham tree and why?

Posted: 23 May 2012, 04:37
by Boadicea
What is your favorite tree in the Ogham and why?

For me, my favorite tree will always be beith (birch).
I have two birch trees growing in my front yard that I helped plant when I was a little girl and
they've continued to grow with me through the years all the way into adulthood so I feel a
special connection to this particular species of tree. I especially love watching them turn
green in the earliest of spring before anything else does. It's beautiful to see the all the yards
with the trees' wintery bare branches, and then, right in the middle, a bright green beautiful
early bloomer, the birch, already with green leaves. Concerning the symbolic meaning,
beginnings, new starts, and the chance to begin anew with something or to begin again
with something I felt I responded to wrongly, a second chance to do it right, are precious
as they remind me that there's always a second chance. Every time I see a birch
tree, it reminds me that I always have the chance for a new beginning, a new learning experience
or a personal rebirth in my spiritual life - new beginnings surrounding anything and
everything. Beith is also the lady's tree, and I am a feminist.

Re: What is your favorite Ogham tree and why?

Posted: 23 May 2012, 12:26
by DaRC
Hmmm a tricky one, it seems to change depending upon which wants to work with me!

I have the greatest connection to Ido / Yew which originally guided me.

When I was young my favourite was certainly the Saille / Willow, then during my Bardic work it was Fearn / Alder.
During the Ovate work it has been sort of been Edhadh - which is sometimes related to the White Poplar / Aspen
although I've been working with a stand of Grey Poplar which is supposedly a hybrid of the two.

But every Christmas it must be Straif / Blackthorn for the Sloe Vodka that is ready :o

Re: What is your favorite Ogham tree and why?

Posted: 23 May 2012, 20:48
by SonicRed
For me it would without a doubt be Huath/Hawthorn.
When I was very young there was a great, wise, old Hawthorn, bearing rich red blossoms the scent of which was exquisite. From the first moment I can recall meeting this ancient I had a deep affinity with it and found always beneath its boughs utter protection and safety, though it established the power of Relationships by proffering greater warmth and welcome when I in turn offered respect and honor, thereby establishing the coexistence of such a bond.
This old tree also offered to my young self another aspect of its wisdom, that of Consequences; for when foolishly I clambered high into its great branches and in losing my balance fell, I learned well the results of such actions and that while an idea may seem glorious it does not always come without danger.
Contradictions abounded with this relationship as well, for while beautiful, protective, wise and loved, the Hawthorn possessed harsh thorns and more than once in gathering blossoms or breathing in their scent, I would run into the pain of these barbs, thereby learning well that in life the beautiful more often than not comes with pain.
Some of the sweetest, strongest memories I possess contain this tree.
To this day, when I pass the young white Hawthorn on my land I share a rich affinity with it and often receive a calming instruction from its ancient ancestry. Truth be had, whenever I pass a Hawthorn that bond is there.