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An Ogham Charm

Post by OakWyse » 28 Sep 2012, 21:04

I can't remember if I've posted this here before. :shrug: If I have, please forgive me!

OakWyse Utters an Ogham Charm

Beginning of Birch to lead the way,
Magic of Rowan this Charm to say,
Protection of Alder in the deep,
Passage of Willow in dream of sleep,
Integration of Ash between the worlds;
And so this Ogham Charm unfurls.

Chastity of Hawthorn purging well,
Door of Oak where many dwell,
Balance of Holly in battle strong,
Wisdom of Hazel, Salmon-song,
Apple’s Choice abundance brings,
As this Charm of Ogham sings.

Intuition gives the Vine,
While Ivy’s Spirals intertwine,
Cleansing Broom sweeps spirits clean,
For Fate of Blackthorn to be seen,
Renewal of Elder turns aside
All that may with death abide.

Vision of Fir is true and tall,
And Gorse now sweetly Gathers all;
Healing Heather, grounding fast,
Aspen warding, Shields at last;
Yew Eternity portends,
Though this Charm of Ogham ends.

Community of Grove instructs all hearts,
Delight of Spindle insight imparts;
Secret of Honeysuckle guards the way,
Where ancient Knowledge of Beech holds sway;
As Vast and endless as the Sea,
The power of this Charm shall be.


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Re: An Ogham Charm

Post by Lily » 29 Sep 2012, 11:20

thank you
bright blessed days, dark sacred nights


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Re: An Ogham Charm

Post by Aphritha » 29 Sep 2012, 16:01

That's wonderful! It gives so much information in such a fun and lyrical way...


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