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The Ogham Sacales From the Book of Ballymote

Posted: 24 Jun 2015, 15:26
by Fil.F.

It's a very nice interpretation of the content about the Ogham. The third image reflects the original rite for
"Eo Fis", the druid traditional form of divination and profecy. With the recipe or formula for that, a food to
brings "Imbas", the sacred inspiration and knowledge. Shows similarly to the old talking tables.

Like much of us, at first, will think that each letter must be composed of each wood ... and this is not true.
The letters should be composed from oak wood, and this is referred in "Taebomnai".

The next images of the article, shows ocult secrets of the celtic world. The powers, geometry for architectural buildings
and basic "decoration", technology and simply earth and nature alignements.