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You can contact us by email, phone, fax or mail. Please be aware that email communication is now no longer completely reliable:
over the last year the quantity of spam on the internet has multiplied hugely resulting in severe problems for Internet Service Providers and individual email users. Email sometimes gets lost in spam filters – either the ISPs or the recipients. Our replies to you may likewise get lost in filters. In addition, ISPs now get attacked by hackers and whole systems can go down with batches of email getting lost as a result. There are even ‘black holes’ in cyber-space which email can disappear into.
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I have been wanting to find a way to communicate my pleasure and gratitude to all of you who took time and love to make the recorded version of the Bardic Grade Gwersi...
When I began on this journey at Beltane last year I had no idea where it would lead me..but amazing things have happened and are still happening as I reach Gwers 36 and begin the awareness of FIRE..
To start with I felt I had to 'keep up' when the packets kept arriving! And each time there would be something in the teaching that would reassure me that where I was at was just fine..My personal tutor has also reassured me..
All your voices have become my have all become my friends..
I have yet to meet any Druids..I live in South London and daytime things seem few and far between!..(I am an 'older' woman (crone) on my own so travelling at night is a questionable thing)..but I guess for the time being I am a Hedge Druid and hopefully this will change.
With Love and Blessings
forrester :cloud9: