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Translation game

Post by Unikorn » 23 Jun 2006, 02:20

Ok - here is one I have played with for ages....

In my signature is something like a Welsh saying  - Speak your truth, truth against the world

Would anyone like to play with this concept in Cornish?

Cheers of the Winter Solstice
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Post by wyeuro » 06 Jul 2006, 07:05


How about

An gwiryoneth erbynn an bys.  

(Not sure of the spelling of gwiryoneth, but I'm half a mile from my gerlyver :D


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Post by AndyN » 07 Jul 2006, 19:15

An gwir erbynn an bys

It's used by the Cornish Gorsedh


Andy N

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Re: Translation game

Post by tannos » 31 May 2009, 10:45

on a funny note, I bought a book years ago called "the quest"....and at the beginning of a ritual they said "Y Gwir yn erbyn y byd" and at the end they said "Y Gwin yn Erbyn y Byd"....(the wine against the world) :-) I wonder if that was a typo or not
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