Elemental honouring

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Elemental honouring

Post by Unikorn » 05 Sep 2006, 13:12

Dydh da

We have been invited to participate in an event being held here to celebrate this city back to itself.

We have been invited to work with local Maori to weave an elemental honouring.  The concept is for a subtle sound produced by swinging a long string with something on the end around your head....then the Kaumatua (elder) comes in with a karakia (prayer/chant) to the elements, woven over this will be my husband in Cornish......then a woman doing a traditional karanga (wail/chant) to welcome and honour the elements .... then the elements, represented by four different aspects of the peoples of this land - will 'speak' up with response...

So the question is - do any of you have a nice simple honouring of the four elements?  We have an elemental blessing that you wrote Andy and can shorten it - but it occurred to me to put this out there.  It won't want to be very long or complex, is more about weaving voices than detailed wording...

Look forward to any ideas you might have :)

Meur ras
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