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Post by wyeuro » 19 Oct 2006, 08:01

gorhemmynnadow pub den oll,
greetings everybody!

ass yw kosel an bagas ma!  my re beu ow studhya kernow nowydh ha
how quiet this group is.       i have been studying cornwall modern and

koth hag yth esa lies lowarthow ha bleujennow yn kernow yn termyn
olden, and there were a lot of gardens and flowers in cornwall in times
eus passyes, dell hevel dhymm.  yn sur yma lies  lowarthow bleujennow
gone by, as it seems to me.        for sure, there are many flower gardens

ena lemmyn, mes martesen yth esa moy bleujennow, a-ugh oll ros,  there now,     but perhaps there were more flowers, especially roses,

kyns dalleth agan lyvrow yn kever hengernow.  
before our books of old cornwall begin.

yth esa lies bleujenn prenys ha gwerthy yn termyn pur goth
there were many people buying and selling flowers in ancient times.

martesen y feu re an bleujennow na tevys yn kernow?
perhaps some of those flowers were grown in cornwall?

dhywgh yn lel

wyverne /|\

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