sounds of cornish

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sounds of cornish

Post by wyeuro » 13 Dec 2007, 06:45

for people who want to know what the recently revived cornish language sounds like here are some examples:

Cornish songs on Youtube
A number of songs in Cornish are now available to watch on Youtube:
Bronnow a Bennwydh
Holya Spyrys Tramor
Ow Avon Splann

i hope you enjoy them! :)
wyverne /|\

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Re: sounds of cornish

Post by ennys » 14 Dec 2007, 09:23

LOL!!! :o

It reminds me of a welsh guy I once met, who spoke breton with a very thick english accent :-)

Thanks for sending this, I always wondered what cornish should sound like. It is not that difficult to understand the spoken parts :-)
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Re: sounds of cornish

Post by Bracken » 14 Dec 2007, 23:30

I love Bagas Degol's "Party Like It's 1399." A favourite album.

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Re: sounds of cornish

Post by tannos » 03 Aug 2008, 13:58

erm....ive only just got to the spoken bit (internet is REALLY slow today) sounds like a really soft and lighter version of Welsh......saying that, they are related, but I mean you can actually hear the relationship.....- am I making sense????

It's still a little hard for me to understand, my Welsh has got REALLY rusty since I moved to Berlin.....I used to be so fluent ._( :-( :-(
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