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new cornish website

Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 03:59
by wyeuro
yma gwiasva nowydh orth may hyllir goslowes nowodhow hag ilow ha tacklow dhe les erell yn kernewek. byghan yw lemmyn, mes tevi a wra, yn sur!
there's a new website at where you can listen to the news and music and other interesting items in cornish. it's small now, but it will surely grow.
The site’s designers
hope it will form the
hub of an on-line
community linking
Cornish speakers
across Cornwall and
around the world
i got this information from where you can download a pdf newsletter that will keep you up to date with cornish language developments.

wyverne /|\

Re: new cornish website

Posted: 27 Mar 2009, 23:57
by CornishShaman
An excellent Website and magazine for info on Cornish Ancient sites is given below!

Re: new cornish website

Posted: 28 Mar 2009, 05:12
by wyeuro
Thanks for this link - very interesting!
wyverne /|\