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Tim Saunders - the High Tide

Post by ennys » 24 Mar 2009, 11:08

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know the poetry collection 'The High Tide', written by Tim Saunders?

I lend it from library, and I like it very much! Even his foreword, the way he described the way he found Cornish, his life with this language, the way he expresses his love for other languages and talks on poetry, it is all poetry in it self, though written in prose!

His poems are vary varieting, from long stately poems to short, more informal 'modern' ones. I like them all, his language is full of imagery and has a certain 'feel' that I connect with.

I never read Cornish before, so I am happy with the English translation on the opposite page, but this way I cannot but learn more about this language, as well. It does not seem to be vary difficult, it's VERY much like Breton, only I do not understand a thing about its spelling or how to pronounce it. Could anyone help me out? A c'h I do understand, but wat about an ÿ? And what's the difference between dt and dh? And how do you pronounce the eu? Like in French, or more like Vannetais/Middle Welsh [œɥ] (I hope I transcribed that rightly, but you get the idea if you know the sound...)

Please please, tell me cornish :grin:

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