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Journey to Cornwall

Posted: 25 Jul 2009, 18:21
by Fitheach
Last September, I journeyed from Glastonbury to Cornwall.

We had two remarkable guides, Mara Freeman and Cheryl Straffon. Also picked up two interesting books - Pagan Cornwall, Land of the Goddess by Cheryl Straffon; and Traditional Witchcraft, A Cornish Book of Ways by Gemma Gary.

Cornwall is one of the most magical places I've ever visited, and I intend to return, for a longer stay.

Re: Journey to Cornwall

Posted: 25 Jul 2009, 21:26
by White Willow
I love Cornwall its my favourite place to go. I will look at the books you have suggested they look interesting. We go again at the end of august for 2 weeks and I cannot wait.
Lin x

Re: Journey to Cornwall

Posted: 26 Jul 2009, 03:55
by Fitheach
How wonderful! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! :)

Re: Journey to Cornwall

Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 12:05
by DaRC
Like the old joke - you travel for hours to get to cornwall and then the journey starts :grin:

My grandparents lived in Penzance, my mum was brought up in St. Ives and worked on the Scilly Isles - funnily enough it's been voted most desirable place to live in the UK :wink: