R.I.P Dennis

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R.I.P Dennis

Post by elisabeth » 25 Apr 2010, 20:52

Today I received the horrible news that my 23 year old cousin died after taking a bad partydrug.
Still don't know the details.
I am verry sad but also a bit angry how could he be so stupid taking that drugs.
I wish much strength for his mother and father and brother and sister and his girlfriend.

bb Elisabeth
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Re: R.I.P Dennis

Post by Hennie » 25 Apr 2010, 20:53


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Re: R.I.P Dennis

Post by Corwen » 25 Apr 2010, 22:28

Very sorry to hear your sad news.
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Re: R.I.P Dennis

Post by Aitrus » 26 Apr 2010, 17:01

Candles, smoke and prayers for you and yours.
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