Isaac Bonewits

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Re: Isaac Bonewits

Post by Blaiddwen » 26 Aug 2010, 15:51

Thank you Ladydragonstar,
Medical bills can really be cumbersome. Under federal law, any hospital that recieves federal funding (they all do) must give a certain amount of free care to those who cannot afford it. Most hospitals do not want us to know this, but it has been law for many years. Given Pheadra's financial situation, she might well qualify for the hospital's charitable fund, I would encourage her to inquire about it. While it may not cover doctor's bills, or other provider's bills, it may make alot of difference in how much she is left to deal with. Also, given the recent "Healthcare reforms", there may be other avenues that can offer her some relief.
My heart goes out to Isaac's family.

If one life is lost in combat of war, then all lives are lost to indifference.


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