"Fat Joe"

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"Fat Joe"

Post by Ainevar » 05 Oct 2010, 05:48

All I know is a person dear to several of my friends was killed by a landmine in Iraq. I decided it is only right to put this up.

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Re: "Fat Joe"

Post by Twig » 05 Oct 2010, 07:31

This is a good place to post that sad information, Ainevar. It's always such as thud to the heart when you learn that someone even vaguely close to you has died in one of the insane wars going on in the Middle East. Whenever I read of someone from my home town being killed, it always distresses me. Somewhere nearby a family is suffering.
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Re: "Fat Joe"

Post by Huathe » 05 Oct 2010, 15:53

This is something I really hate to hear. I have a stepson in Iraq. He's in the US Army.
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