For My Father

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For My Father

Postby wolfsbane » 12 Oct 2010, 09:31

My Father Passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday 28th September from a Heart Attack he was aged 60.
He was walking my niece to Pre-school when it happened.
His funeral was on Friday 8th October and he has been buried in a woodland burial site in a wicker coffin near his home.
He leaves behind 6 children & 23 Grandchildren.

Dad you will be sorely missed

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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Re: For My Father

Postby Heddwen » 12 Oct 2010, 09:59

Warm Blessings for you and your family, Wolfsbane

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Re: For My Father

Postby merryb » 14 Oct 2010, 18:38

How sad for to have lost your father so suddenly. I am sendingm Reiki to you, your niece and all your family. I am also sending Reiki for your father for his transition to the other world.

With Reiki light and blessings

Merry B


Re: For My Father

Postby Oneonine » 14 Oct 2010, 21:20

Sorry for your loss.

The funeral sounds poetic and poignant.

I've got this link I've used before, for commemorating life's events, where people can donate a tree planting instead of flowers, for about the same price as a bouquet (£5) and add a few words of consolement to go with the tree gift. ... hp?id=1439

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Re: For My Father

Postby Huathe » 15 Oct 2010, 05:23


My thoughts and prayers are with you at this painful time.
James E Parton
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Re: For My Father

Postby Arth Seren » 16 Dec 2010, 16:41

My thoughts and prayers are also with you, I lost my Dad earlier this year after a short illness, he was 65 so I have some understanding with you there. :hug:
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