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Golden Eagle
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for Barbara

Post by Golden Eagle » 12 Oct 2010, 09:46

My partner's grandma passed on yesterday.... I'm very close to his family so she did seem like my grandma too.

Her health has been pretty poor over the last few years with various things, so we all knew it could happen any time, but it was still a shock to us.
She had gone into hospital for some routine tests and they'd kept her in for a few days - at the weekend apparently she was relatively well; having the care and people around in hospital seemed to have done her a lot of good, so it took us completely by surprise.
Her close family were with her when she slipped away peacefully - just a few days before her and "granddad"s 60th wedding anniversary.
It gives me comfort that it seems like she chose her own time to go; in comfort and surrounded by her nearest & dearest.

What always struck me about her was her warmth. She had such a big heart, and whenever she smiled her eyes were always full of love and joy. She was a redhead like me, so we always had a sense of camaraderie. I felt honoured to be thought of as a granddaughter.

Rest in peace grandma xxx

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Re: for Barbara

Post by Heddwen » 12 Oct 2010, 10:00

Warm Blessings for you and your family, Golden Eagle

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Re: for Barbara

Post by merryb » 14 Oct 2010, 18:31

I am sending Reiki to you and all your family and to Barbara in her transition to the otherworld. She seems like a lady it was a privilege to know.

With Reiki light and blessings



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