For Clyde

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For Clyde

Postby Sam » 19 Jun 2009, 05:42

I just wanted to say I miss you everyday, especially when you can smell a storm rolling in, when I see a green pasture or hoof prints in the dirt. Everytime I see someone riding in a movie or on tv, my heart aches that I wasn't there to see you one last time in this lifetime, and say goodbye properly. You were the foundation of my life, you kept me sane and held me together through some of the roughest years of my life. Through friends leaving and moving away, through betrayals and breakups, through earth-shattering fights and days when I thought I couldn't go on, you were always there with a friendly snort, and a rough push from the shoulder, as if saying "That's it, that is what you're going to give up over? Silly. Now get up and ride." And we did. You kept me together and saw me through to university. And I'm sorry that I didn't make it out at much, that I couldn't find the time to bring you an apple or come brush out your winter coat in the summer. I'm sorry, so sorry, that I couldn't find the strength to make it out before you went to sleep that last time, to at least give you a sugar cube and wish you luck on your journey.
I really hope that you find your way, and that we meet again some sunny day, where the grass is green and birds fly by, and we'll graze together and talk of years gone by. I miss you my dear, silent but ever so verbal friend. Thanks for holding me together, when the world was falling apart.

I'll see you soon, don't eat all the clover and forget about the carrots under the trees over there.
Hands of silk, wrists of leather, forever bound, tied together.

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Re: For Clyde

Postby Crystal Dragon » 19 Jun 2009, 08:36

:candle: For Clyde
:hug: For you Sam

When the Power of Love over comes the Love of Power, the world will know peace. (Jimi Hendrix)

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened
Anatole France (1844-1924)

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Re: For Clyde

Postby Dryadia2 » 20 Jun 2009, 16:51

For Clyde :candle:
For you, Sam :hug:
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