For Jack

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For Jack

Postby Artemis365 » 20 Sep 2009, 01:17

I found Jack in my neighbors driveway a few years ago. He had been abandoned by his former owners so I cared for him.I couldn't bring him inside because I already had 4 cats and 2 dogs but he was happy outside. One night there was a bad storm and my parents relented and let him in.He stayed with us for a few months until my brother came and took him to live with him in Indiana. Then we found out that Jack had Feline Aides and his kidneys were failing.
He died on Monday the 14th. :-(
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Re: For Jack

Postby Crystal Dragon » 20 Sep 2009, 08:25

:candle: for Jack
:hug: for you Artemis365

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Re: For Jack

Postby Dryadia2 » 21 Sep 2009, 02:41

For Jack :candle:
For you, Artemis365 :hug:
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