Cosmo (Cozzie)

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Cosmo (Cozzie)

Post by Lucinda » 07 Jul 2010, 00:08

I realise that I have not yet posted a memorial for my little Cozzie.

Cozzie was a tiny guinea, black and white stripey like an Everton mint. She left me on 28th February (exactly four years after my Dr Atkins left me) two days after a hysterectomy for a huge ovarian cyst.

Darling Cozzie, rest well. We all miss you so much, especially your best friends Toony and Paddy.

Love you darling xxx
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Re: Cosmo (Cozzie)

Post by Road Warrior » 07 Jul 2010, 00:58

Love and blessing Lucinda;

I am sorry at you lost your best friend. Cozzie is now in the Summerland in beauty and in peace. Cozzie now will have wide fields of rolling green hills and lush grass to eat and to play in. I have had Guinea pigs for last 40 years. I always had a Guinea pig in my life. I have American long hair it is my daughter’s. His name is hamster. I will light a candle for Cozzie. I am sorry, Love and blessing to you.
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