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For Jezebel

Posted: 06 Nov 2010, 17:19
by daseinx
It has been less than an hour since I had to put my beautiful Jezebel to sleep. The tears won't end soon, but she deserves to be remembered as clearly as I can. She had some sort of hemorrhagic tumor or bone cancer, the Veterinarian doesn't know which, but she wasn't producing red blood cells and, as a result, her breathing was labored and she was suffering terribly. She and her sister were my constant companions for ten years through good times and more loss than I care to remember. Now it is just her sister, Honey, and myself. Jezebel has gone to the Summer Lands to wait with the majority of my family for me to come and join them. I miss her terribly. She was her Daddy's girl and would get all prissy when I walked her. She couldn't howl, but that didn't stop her from warbling away with her sister when they wanted to let us know they had been outside long enough. Life will certainly be less vibrant without her, but life goes on nonetheless. I love you Jezebel. Now, run beneath the summer sky and know that one day, I'll join you.
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Re: For Jezebel

Posted: 08 Nov 2010, 13:18
by merryb
Jezebel looks beautiful - my heart goes out to you our pets weave themselves into our life and leave a huge gap when they go. Sending Reiki to you, Honey, and all Jezebel's friends and family. I am sending blessings and light to Jezebel as she moves in transition to summerlands.

You were so priveleged to have a loyal and beautiful dog like Jezebel.

With blessings