August Seminar 2011

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August Seminar 2011

Post by wyeuro » 01 Aug 2011, 03:17

The Axis Mundi.
As a culture, we have come adrift of our souls and their truths and have sacrificed a great deal in our efforts to retrieve them. In Druidry, the search for the Mabon is sometimes undertaken as a personal soul-retrieval quest. Magical, esoteric and mystery schools have many allegorical systems related to this notion. A good understanding of the Axis Mundi is very helpful in the quest.
The Axis Mundi is a central feature of shamanic magic, and can be used as a basis for effective world magic and personal and community magic in the twenty first century. An integral part of the planet with corresponding energy structures in every human being, it regulates the multitudes of magically dynamic interfaces within our beings. When left to itself it is like a garden of weeds – good in itself, a viable default, but not very purposeful. It can maintain health if all goes well, but if anything goes wrong in or around it, everything is affected and may get unbalanced, sick and unsightly. Similarly, when the magic of one’s personal Axis Mundi is unmanaged it’s okay as long as no serious stress or other problems occur, but under stress may succumb to disorder which could result in disease or problems in relationships or other difficulties in life.
While the church suppressed magic, the neglect of this vital axis has contributed to the sickness, fear, crime, corruption and disorder that are out of control in our world today. Conscious, mindful management of our magic then should surely be undertaken. The difference between trained magicians and ‘muggleses’ is not that one is more magical than the other, it is that we magicians undertake the conscious creative management of our magic, while the ‘muggleses’ let theirs run amok.

What is the Axis Mundi?
‘Axis’ is latin for ‘a straight line passing through the centre of a wheel or sphere’ and ‘mundi’ means ‘of the world.’ according to geographers the earth’s axis is the central column of the vortex of its spinning. It has a north and south pole corresponding to the poles of the associated electro-magnetic field. Esotericists extend this meaning to any conceivable straight path through the earth passing through its centre, but without the vortex created by the spin. Anything vertical is aligned to a section of the Axis Mundi. When the human animal first learned to stand erect, s/he became a tiny section of an Axis Mundi such, as previously only upright beings such as trees, owls and kangaroos had ever been before.
Thus through myriad naturally occurring axes, Gaia nourishes, organises and manages the metaphysical environment in which she is forming her internal ‘organs’, ranging from the vast spheres of the material, etheric and other planes, to their ecosystems and the individual rocks, crystals, plants or animals within them. This she does naturally, through trees and mountains and structures we can’t perceive yet, and she works also through human beings specialised for the role, eg shamans, magicians, sorcerers, druids, witches, priests etc. These bring all kinds of essential magic into the social, ecological, political and spiritual environments of our world.
The Axis Mundi is imagined or represented as providing resonance-transmitting connections between any given world axis and/or the individual’s own personal axis. Sometimes an intervening device such as a totem pole, world tree (the many-tiered Christmas tree, for example), house pole or other is used. I’m planning a complete temple incorporating the bardic circle and the Axis Mundi. Via natural correspondences which I shall describe later, this combination can permit beautiful magic for the earth, helping to regulate vital functions as basic and necessary to planetary health as the circulation of the blood is to a mammal.
I want to show that this theory is sustainable and that it provides us with a workable handle on reality through which we can perform good, healthy, much needed, druidic magic for our planet. It’s hard work and there are frustrations and even dangers. Our guides are many and though most are relatively enlightened, they are fraught people in a tense planet and some are, well, edgy at times. If your foot strays from the virtue path, you may be berated and even denied access until you get back on track – and you may have to win a few points sometimes. Independent magicians can prosper, but life is a lot easier if you are working through a well-regulated programme such as OBOD or similar, where the guardians of the grove are guaranteed to be helpful, good-humoured and savvy. As a druid, for example, if you remain true to the grail tradition of virtue without thought of personal reward, you become very useful to the planet, and the personal rewards go without saying.

Gaia is a living creature.
Most people are by now familiar with the idea that our planet is a living, vital, sentient, intelligent, multi-dimensional, many-gendered, many-dreaminged cosmic being, not just a dead rock with people on it. Perhaps she is a witch, a goddess, a magical intelligence of great power and beauty, a powerful celestial being. Or perhaps she’s just a dim glimmer, a tiny waif just coming into being among kindly or hostile others.

1st visualisation.
A glance at these links will be good preparation:
Imagine that you are a vast, celestial god, holding Gaia’s material body in the palm of your hand as if she were a fragile egg. The familiar hard, stony sphere is thinly surrounded by her many-layered atmosphere, which is tenuous at the outer extremes, so it as if you held a skinless soap bubble that floats upon your hand. Perhaps she resembles a transparent, softly layered fruit with a large, wet stone within. Imagine the consistency of that tenuous atmosphere surrounding the thin, rhythmically pulsating hydrosphere, which covers only two thirds of the lithosphere - the part we know best, living as we do on its surface, though we can’t penetrate its tough, rocky shell very deeply yet. We know very little beyond what it takes to recognise and use resources for our evolving civilisations. Zooming out once again, see our young planet as a multi-dimensional conscious being in her own right. This aliveness and responsivity must be kept in mind while imagining our Axis Mundi. Let’s now return her to her place in the sky, orbiting her smallish yellow sun.
Before we leave her, there’s one more thing to consider: I don’t only focus on my innards, so it’s reasonable to imagine that Gaia doesn’t focus only on hers either, but participates in all kinds of energetic and magical exchanges with other celestial bodies and no doubt with entities beyond our ken. These exchanges resonate in the Axis Mundi, where the resonances are moderated and managed and some are mindfully conditioned for us by Gaia and mediated to us as we attune our personal axis to hers – just as we process our experiences in our brains. These processes happen naturally, even while we sleep, and they often permeate our dreams, fantasies and fictions, and inspire our science and philosophy, but Gaia needs her magicians and shamans to wake up and get to work consciously optimising them for the good of all beings.
We’ll come back to this visualisation later.

That other ‘world wide web’.
We know that the visible world hosts a vast and intricate network of biologically living beings, the biome, or web of life, consisting of a myriad of highly diverse species from tiny microbes to great whales each with its own vast array of specialisations. Crystals too are on a continuum with life-forms, so the mineral kingdom is also vibrant with purpose and functional too. Along with the spheres of atmosphere, oceans and earth, together they all, or rather we all, comprise the visible planet’s livingness, her vital, sentient, richness of conscious experience. Information of all kinds flows through all manner of channels and networks to co-ordinate all life systems harmoniously – via our senses, for example, through chemical exchanges - even within each other’s bodies, as it’s also the world-wide food-web. Each little being’s experience involves myriad, minute exchanges with a vast array of other beings in the web of life. This networking is managed by the forces that regulate global ecology so that it contributes harmoniously if possible to the whole experience of the material world - just as my conscious experience is constituted from the pooled experience of all my cells, organised and managed by my metabolism and interpreted selectively through my brain.

We are like Gaia’s 'cells'.
As ‘cells’ of Gaia, we are much more freely motile than most of the cells within our own bodies. Unlike many of her own biota Gaia as a celestial being is not freely motile, but in her fixed orbit within the solar system, which together with the amazing myriads of celestial bodies surrounding her, comprise the galaxy - in all its living, sentient, intelligent , passionate complexity. The more we appreciate this, the more encouragement we get from the guardians of the Axis Mundi, and the better our magic will be.

Gaia is multi-dimensional.
Throughout history in all cultures, seers, shamans and highly trained adepts have glimpsed other dimensions of our planet - parallel universes and non-material extensions of this one, beyond most peoples’ sight, yet just as real and richly detailed, and sometimes deeply interpenetrating with ours – the faerie realms, spirit worlds, and all manner of mysterious ‘other-worlds’. Differing now from western scientific theory, Gaia appears to be a young planet, not yet fulfilled. Many moons have fallen and many have yet to fall. Humans have evolved between moon-falls, and our present moon will fall millions of years from now, and merge her evolution with earth’s. (This is a New-Age idea that was circulating during the 1970s and 80s, but I can’t now find a reference to it. – can anyone help?)

The holographic planet. ... 3350926692
We’ve looked at Gaia’s many concentric spheres. According to esoteric belief, our planet manifests on seven levels of radiance, so each of these has richly detailed, vitally alive, astral and ethereal counterparts and more, which sometimes interpenetrate through nexuses what we can learn to control via the Axis Mundi.
These interact something like the layers of different tissues in an evolving embryo or like the ‘shells’ of higher and higher energies surrounding an atom. The denser darker energies form the more concentrated spheres within while the lighter more expansive ones spread further outwards, forming the outer spheres. It’s a scientific fact that their perceived attributes are mentally constructed from data such as sensory stimuli interpreted within the brain. ‘Greenness’ for example, is not ‘real’, the radiances interpreted as green are. What this implies is that as a species we are tuned into our earthly reality as if to a one-channel virtual-reality holographic television broadcast. But evidence is mounting that Gaia is broadcasting on several wavelengths, and as we awaken more senses, we begin pick up traces of the broadcasts on some of the other channels – we access the parallel worlds.
If so, as the poet says, we’re ‘looking through a glass onion’, with each layer of the onion a different world. For Gaia, these worlds function something like elaborate lenses – incorporating vast systems of highly specialised filters, selectors, censors and interpreters, busily engaged in organising, processing and distributing of all the myriad effects coming in and all those going out from the centre, in a continuous interchange – like billions of conversations all happening at once – a kind of Jacob’s ladder with the angels constantly ascending and descending. Concentricity, diversity, reciprocity – Gaia radiant with life, drinking in and deeply appreciating the radiances of the sky…

The holographic human.
In many esoteric systems we learn to feel out to the edges of our own personal bodily energy field, a spheroid envelope of subtle energy surrounding us, containing our material bodies, our light bodies and the many subtle bodies known to seers. Our material bodies are thus like the core of an apple embedded within an extra-dimensional, vital and dynamic apple matrix, or the embryo in an otherwise invisible egg. This egg-shaped body can be compared to the earth itself, in that it comprises several concentric layers, though not spheres, each containing its own bodily form, nested like Russian dolls. Most of us have heard of the astral body, or the etheric body, the light body, and so on, which might be described as perhaps virtually concentric with the material body. In this correlation between Gaia’s body and the human body, we have the basis of one sort of sympathetic world axis magic, via a meditation which brings our personal axis into sympathetic accord with that of the earth itself in a conscious, purposeful way.
The correspondences I find are my own work, although informed from many sources, and no one has to take them as text-book fact. The greatest value comes from mapping your own axis as you learn your way around it by using it yourself. A well-managed Axis Mundi can be like a probe, sensing these other wavelengths and beginning to explore them. So how do we go about imagining one?

The spectra.
Many of the radiant energies of our planet are manifest as spectra.
For example light manifests as the spectrum of colour. It appears as three effulgences with yellow as a central well-spring, which you might cautiously think of as ‘yang’, with red as a more introvert, and perhaps ‘yin’, intensity on one side, and blue, also ‘yin’ but different, as another on the other side. These overlap forming the neutral orange and green between them and purple at, enigmatically, the end of the visible spectrum, where there is no visible red to blend with – yet it is blended as if side by side, as a glance at an artist’s colour wheel will show. The six tertiary colours are thus a further rational division, though others are possible. Three primaries, three secondaries and six tertiaries – twelve altogether.
This is paralleled in the sound spectrum, where red, yellow and blue correspond to the do, mi, and so of the tonic solfa scale. These three are perceived as dominant tones, with re, fa and la corresponding to the secondary colours, orange, green and violet, while the flats and sharps and, anomalously, ti correspond to the six tertiary colours. That also makes twelve.
Some healers correlate the chakras with the colours and tones of these spectra. If the energy levels of the planetary spheres are also dominated by this pattern of manifestation, as some mystics think they are, theoretically, there should be twelve spheres ultimately, each with its own tone and vibrational range co-resonant with the wavelengths of the light and sound spectra. It’s difficult to prove this, so we’re working with a theory, based largely on psychic experience, some of it my own, not on proven fact. Nevertheless it enables us to build magical systems that work.
Our planet is apparently young, and some of these spheres are not yet formed. Indications are that there may be seven of them now as, since newton described it, the western mind has for a long time had an otherwise irrational fixation on the seven-hued rainbow, although there is no scientific basis for that number, and also the same irrational fixation on the seven notes of the tonic scale. The note ti corresponds to the tertiary colour indigo, and both are tertiary divisions anomalously included with the primaries and secondaries.
Both these fixations seem to be culture-specific, as indeed is the perception of dominant colours and tones at those precise wavelengths. Something in us wants newton’s ‘error’ preserved there. Myth and truth often don’t coincide and where they clash, there lies hidden magic. Errors of the intellect are often truths of the soul – that’s why we so often prefer them. Perhaps it’s in response to subconscious knowledge of a major happening at that wavelength, currently culminating in the much publicised ‘indigo’ generation.

2nd visualisation: the other worlds.
For now, let’s go back to the visualisation in the second paragraph. Once again see Gaia as a living creature in the palm of your hand but this time imagine you see her with seven concentric spheres all surrounded with their atmospheres etc, each one a different reality invisible to each other but clearly visible to you. You will observed that the inner planets are saturated with the very fine substances of the outer ones while dense substances of the inner spheres do not extend to the outer ones.
Now imagine peering into the transparent spheres and seeing other spheres beginning to form. There’s one within the first, just a tenuous mist perhaps, or just flashes of light or colour. It’s for you to imagine, and trust Gaia to perfect your vision. There’s another between the first and second, and between the second and third, and so on, like the flats and sharps in the musical scale or tertiary colours not yet clearly distinguishable in a rainbow. The inner spheres correspond to the redder, slower end of the light spectrum and to the lower notes of the musical scale. This is a starting point in imagining the Axis Mundi.
So this is the theoretical model I work with – worlds within worlds. We don’t know much about the other-worlds directly, but through the literature of mythology, history, esoterica, legend, folk-lore, fantasy, religion and pop culture, we play with ideas freighted with their inspirations. Trusting these sources, and our emerging instinct and skill, ideally working with a bardic circle, via the Axis Mundi, we can negotiate useful, flexible, user-friendly interfaces with willing other-world beings. This in turn helps us to map the axis rationally and systematically for maximum effectiveness and safety, for world magic, community healing, personal empowerment and much more.
My own rather eclectic selection of identifiers – and it’s a grab-bag of them I’m showing here - are drawn from reading, meditation and personal experience, is not necessarily going to resemble anyone else’s, and anyway is not static, being updated continually, but I’ll share it with you as an example of what one druid has done with it.
spectra for seminar.PNG
spectra for seminar.PNG (66.99 KiB) Viewed 5788 times
Twelve worlds.
While I keep in mind that each sphere is as detailed and species rich as ours, I am focusing mostly on the tiny portion of the sphere’s total experience that is relevant to humanity. I’m sharing only some of my broad ideas, which may serve as starting points for others as long as they feel free to disagree as new evidence comes to them as they become adept. I certainly often find cherished notions of mine needing revision and it’s important to stay flexible enough to allow your guides to draw you in through your increasingly accurately informed sense of each sphere towards their reality – or not as the case may be.
Human evolution is very various, but in many cases the further out they are, the more the humans of an outer sphere long for incarnation on the inner spheres, and vice versa. The evolution of souls generated on an outer sphere consists of achieving enough rapport with an inner sphere to incarnate there and to continue in this way until they have covered them all, and reached the centre and completed their earthly human body. Souls generated in the inner planets are immersed in all the radiances and need to incarnate successively further out until they form their celestial bodies as citizens of the galaxy. Then they have many options for further evolution as cosmic beings in their own right, true daughters and sons of our mother planet and father sky.
My Axis Mundi is based on twelve energy levels and at each one I am cultivating some very exciting relationships with guides and guardians. Starting with the innermost:

Chaos, the fertile womb: watery, octopus dreaming. Here we have the generation of the forms, qualities and logistics of life, a consensus of all her beings, types, totems etc, a controlled effulgence. Under ‘cosmic law’: fertilising it, there’s a royal court there and a full complement of courtiers – the famed and feared rex mundi to administer this law. This deep deep awareness in our planet corresponds to the human ‘id’. The akashic records are kept here. It is attuned to the embryo and foetus and the age of invertebrates. It corresponds to the mammalian reproductive system.

In the Greek myths Tartarus is the deepest underworld. For me it is dark, rocky and cool, laced with cold streams, and has a stark and sparse fauna and flora including many large, slow amphibians and several human types, including titan-like people, cosmic elves, totemic beings and spirit people. They are gigantic. They appear as large as a full-screen close-up face image on a cinema screen, but are dark shadowy grey phantasmic images, not very frightening when you see them. Aboriginal dream-time spirits are accessed there via corroboree. Druids should note that the digeridoo is a kind of dord. It may be used to evoke resonances of this kind.

Still in formation. Scarlet is associated in my mind with bardry, tarot, military tattoos, pageantry and spectacular display, equestrianism, haute couture, sexual display and courtship, sophisticated horticulture and some of the more elaborate forms of art, culture and civilisation. This sphere resonates strongly with the old ‘Conan the Barbarian’ comics. Gripping narrative is generated here, to harness the passions and power of the great arch-warriors and the fierce Gaian women and civilise them. It is attuned to the age of dinosaurs, and childhood.

Hades, traditionally situated below earth, is a fairly civilised place where certain of the heroic dead of our world have honour and privilege after leaving this life. Ethics, wealth and politics are major foci. They have fertile lands with very large birds and mammals like bison, ravens and wolves and, and gigantic people. They are sometimes at war with us, so bring your best peace process and be prepared to be held off until they no longer fear you. It is attuned to the Paleolithic era of humanity, and puberty.

This is the Celtic underworld. Described in the folklore as relatively recent the Celtic component is only the tip of the ice-berg. The fay of England’s hollow hills, the brownies etc and people transferring through their deaths from many earthly nations and equal numbers from hades are building this world. They maintain mostly friendly and often very affectionate relations with their parent worlds through loved ones they knew there. They know us well, and they’re easy to reach with music and song, as they are well described in Celtic lore. It corresponds to the Neolithic era, adolescence, cottage industries, home comforts, crafts, trades and small farming. The people there are very proud of its scholars with their libraries of cherished ancient tomes, including traditions of magic. It is attuned to wild creatures. Exhilarating to work with, if they like you they are high-cuteness, and often hilarious with the joy of breakthrough, - the ones over here are are bursting with love for us!

Earth, this apparent world and all its associated fairy worlds (plant spirits, gnomes, pixies – earth kin’s as good a name as any) – of which we are of course, but one, and while yellow is at the centre of the spectrum we’re not necessarily more focal than the others, just closer to and dealing more immediately with a source. Pan prevails here. It is (for us) the here and now and attuned to domestic cattle and machinery, toys, cybernetics, cyber-beings and the flower of youth. Technology and scientific knowledge are major foci, with plenty of magic, fantasy and exuberance to bring it all to life.

The blessed dead from ww1 are here. This is a new world coming into being, populated by men and woman who have crawled out of their battle field corpses and bombed cities and farms and built a life in the battle-scarred reflection of this world. The astral sphere also, we know not with what convulsions of their equally populous world, supplied many souls to this world. Peaceful recruitment through afterlife is still happening worldwide. They are peace-makers, sworn never to forget the horror of war. They communicate easily through séance. This sphere is attuned to agricultural crops, and is forward looking. They know and understand trauma. Attuning to them may be accompanied with waves of emotion, even tears. They love us. They know better than we do how necessary it is to care about the worlds either side of us as well as our own. We have to wake up and put an end to the planetary nightmare of war.

Esotericists call this the astral, where séances often speak from. Traditionally it’s one of the easiest other-worlds to communicate with, but be sure of your guides. They’re like us – some are sometimes not ethical. Calling them all ‘good neighbours’ offers the right sort of magic to the kindly ones among them, and does neither harm nor good to the nasties. But trusting too soon is counter-indicated. They maintain a fairly organic sort of pervasive civil service. Politics is their focus and they are constantly fighting crime and corruption. Green supplies its own remedies as priorities consistent with healthy living are established, and corruption is being built out there as it is here. It is attuned to herbs, the age of reason, and the near future as a goal.

Very new. Its formation is connected with the the Age of Aquarius and the birthing of plastics and synthetics into the world. Remember in the sixties the generation of people called the ‘plastic’ people? And then dolls like Barbie and her kin, and the Brats, by means of which Gaia enchants children into feeding their specific magic into this new Aquarian world. Altruism is a focus, along with identifying and solving problems, game-playing, fantasy and creative role-playing. Attuned to fungi, parenthood and creative play, and the future as a continuum. Their dance is very dynamic – lots of fun, but there’s also wisdom in it.

This is the aerial sphere. Sylphs, flying fairies, aerial beings are at home here and they also host various fairies and extra-terrestrials. They send us poets (eg Shelley) and singers and philosophers with their ideals of personal beauty and grace. They are time travellers, philosophers, and scientific – indeed, futuristic, having been there. It is attuned to tiny birds like swifts and swallows, critters like squirrels and other rapid, flighty things, responsible maturity, spirituality (think jazz and the blues) and peace.

This is the ethereal planet, the home of the beings of light, wizards, magicians, host to an array of extra-terrestrials. Our light bodies are often here, because Druidry and other formal magical systems have groves, temples and schools here. Working with mystery schools and esoteric systems etc they are actively seeking our sphere’s magicians to connect with them, and they frequently form marriages with willing earthly adepts. This is where the ‘indigo children’ currently incarnating on earth are from. Magic mirrors, crystal balls and pyramids attract them. They are disarming, charming, funny and friendly people, a little shorter than we are. There are time lords there, like those in Doctor Who, or Star Wars. They inspire a lot of popular science fiction, such as Star Trek and the Harry Potter series.

Celestial beings such as angels, certain saints, some gods (although there are gods on all levels), and many much venerated identities associated with the highest, saintliest wisdoms are found here. The sacred grove operates here, and so does the papacy, the churches and the high spirituality of other cultures. It is accessible through our highest religious feelings, and deals with the sacred, the highest ideals and the most refined aesthetic. They guide us with great love and kindness and high authority. They incarnate on earth sometimes to assist intra-planetary evolution as well as to enhance their own experience.
All these spheres are constantly inter-acting, exchanging souls, wisdom, power and all sorts of qualities and changing each other in a constant lively radiant bustle of change and growth and renewal. The whole is a planet, our matrix, our mother. Worldwide, millions of pagans are proving that she can be invoked as a loving mother who will guide her druids on our quest for wisdom, love and power, because she does want powerful magicians to help her to bring all the spheres into conscious harmonious accord.

Building the world tree.
It helps the magic if I attune to the aerial plane through valid, magically activated symbols, such as runes and sigils, numbers, zodiac signs, the tarot etc. Although individuality is the key-note, some of the most potent activation is achieved by the collective consciousness, the result of the magical intentions of many serious minded magicians who more or less agree on the basic elements of the symbol’s meaning or the rune’s enchantment. It’s not essential but it’s helpful to use the basic magical lore that other magicians are developing as a resource for all. It works best if you stay conscious of why you use the focalisers you use and why you enchant or interpret them the way you do, and why you charm them the way you do. Be aware also that they are charming you! Exploring your own reasoning can make you much more aware of the validity of your own awakening magical mind. Crystals, pictures, the tarot, words, ideas, animal names or images, fur, hair or feathers, shells or whatever has meaning for you can also be used. These can be worn, placed on an altar, or glued to an Axis Mundi painted on a wall, or they can decorate a tree, a wand or pole.

As a preliminary step to attuning, first cast a circle and do the light body exercise. Then remember the poet Amergin, who respectfully addressed the god of the land he was entering as a matter of courtesy. It is respectful to invoke Gaia formally and ask for her consent, and for her guidance and protection on the path. It makes sense to me also to invoke Rex Mundi, the ‘world king’ in some traditions – seen as a quintessential male human, while Gaia is a myriad-formed planet. Later you’ll meet your guides – the gwersi teach good ways of doing this, through guided visualisation for example. This itself is good magic, so I do it often. Wearing formal regalia is helpful, as it has meaning for the guides you will attract to you and can incorporate psychic protection such as runes, wands, herbs or crystals. For example, the old ‘ban the bomb’ insignia on the sleeve of my sixties duffle coat draws to me my beatnik soul group, who have places I can reach in Hades where they are honoured for their work for human rights. Playing a Celtic harp brings the indigo wizards. Dancing or playing jigs brings in the underworld fairies.

I once came across a guided meditation, in a book about vision no longer in print, but typical of its kind – it involved inventing a tall building with seven floors each representing a colour of the rainbow. A shiny silver escalator carried the meditator in imagination from the lowest, i.e., red, floor, to the highest, i.e., violet, floor. There the meditator was asked to imagine items of the colour of each floor: a red table and chairs on the red, red walls, red door frames and doors, red curtains, red carpet on the floor etc. There was an orange piano and an orange book shelf full of orange books on the next floor, which had orange walls, carpets, curtains, an orange bowl of oranges etc., and so on up to violet.

This meditation innocently uses the Axis Mundi in a simple, powerful way. Expanding the spectrum to the twelve colours I work with, and thus inventing twelve floors for my house, I then, instead of inventing objects, invite nwyfre to flow from the floor I’m on into my stream of consciousness as a stream of intelligible data or text, where it inspires dreams, insights and purposes compatible with Gaia’s intentions for me. With patience and humility, it’s possible to learn to read more detail in this nwyfre, as its impressions flow from the world through this axis to our life field through our own personal axis. This requires the kind of psychic ability that can be developed by exercise, meditation and yoga - the light body exercise given in the gwersi is a basic essential for this development, with parallels in many similar disciplines of psychic awakening.

In my experience, the more I attempt this, the more conspicuous I am to the guardians and guides and the more I am assisted to quite sophisticated exchanges across these interfaces made in my imagination with reference to the Axis Mundi. Error-prone at first, practice makes perfect, and as years pass, I get reliable information, allowing me the be aware of short forays under safe conditions into the worlds below and the worlds above.
Blessings on your magic!

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Re: August Seminar 2011

Post by Bracken » 19 Oct 2011, 11:05

Wonderful, wyeuro. You have such a fluid writers voice, and I found a lot of meaning here for me. Thank you. You have created imagery here that will stay with me for a long time.

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Re: August Seminar 2011

Post by wyeuro » 22 Oct 2011, 02:33

thank you bracken. :D i very much appreciate your kind feedback.


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