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The Carmina Gaedelica

Post by MoonGoddess9 » 26 Nov 2011, 21:20

I was not sure where to post this because I did not see any posts about magic or curses. I have been in trad.Wcraft for about 3 years and a solitary for about the last year and 1/2, and I have not really dealt much with someone cursing me and just pretty much learning about druidry recently even though I was involved in Celtic path. So the problem is someone told me they put a "Carmina Gadelica" curse on me, in not so many words. So not really knowing what that meant I looked in one of my books and it says; "A typical curse from the "Carmina Gadelica" calls upon God to curse an enemy in a spectacular fashion." At first I thought, well if they were dumb enough to tell me about the curse it won't work, but I have been having health problems and kind of freaked about it now, so I'm pulling out protection spells and ect.from my books studys ect, lol, Is this the right thing to do? A spell? Reverse it back to them? I don't even know what kind of spell/curse this is and how serious it can be or what the "Carmina Gadelica" is except some kind of book, I would appreciate any input thanks!
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Re: The Carmina Gaedelica

Post by DaRC » 28 Nov 2011, 13:57

Hmmm I don't recall seeing a curse in the Carmina Gadelica. These are christian blessings that may have originated in pagan ideas but I think the christian church took a dim view of cursing (as it was witchcraft). So I'd take what you've been told with a pinch of salt....

Why don't you check for yourself Use the english button at the bottom to translate from the Gaelic.

I see a curse as negative energy which is best balanced by positive energy. I like to use the Carmina Gadelica blessings as inspiration for pagan blessings. Otherwise cleanse your dwelling and meditate on what ails you and find positive fixes.
Of course if it's a proper illness go see your Dr!
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Re: The Carmina Gaedelica

Post by Donata » 28 Nov 2011, 17:54

I'd suggest filling your self daily with Light - the Body of Light exercise is excellent for this, or the Tree exercise which is similar (bring sky energy into yourself; bring earth energy up into yourself; mingle the two and fill your body, then fill your aura; slightly harden the outer edge of the egg of Light you just formed and intend that it allows positive energy inside, but sends anything negative or detrimental to you harmlessly into the earth.)

This is a simple and effective protection ritual that's excellent to do daily and one that energizes you at the same time. Don't get paranoid about a curse. Please do not send anything back or attempt to curse anyone. You don't know there is actually a curse, or if so, what it is, so you don't know what the energy would be. If someone is actually cursing you they may be more trained in energy work than you are and can take the energy you send back (it's your own energy plus theirs) and reuse it. A final important reason not to curse or send energy back is that it will return to you, and at the same time, what you send out will have an effect on the entire web of life, thus on all beings.


PS Take a lookinto the subforum under the Otherworld - Druidcraft and the Old Ways for topics on Wicca .
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Re: The Carmina Gaedelica

Post by Dathi » 28 Nov 2011, 23:13

Hmm, I too, have no recollection of any curses in this collection. Having had a quick scan of the Goethenberg version, the closest I can find is the Poem of the Flood. Now if you really wanted to spoil somebody's day you could invoke this upon them. That could really spoil their week!!!


On Monday will come the great storm
Which the firmament will pour,
We shall be obedient the while.
All who will hearken.

On Tuesday will come the other element,
Heart paining, hard piercing.
Wringing from pure pale cheeks
Blood, like showers of wine.

On Wednesday will blow the wind.
Sweeping bare strath and plain.
Showering gusts of galling grief,

Thunder bursts and rending hills.

On Thursday will pour the element
Driving people into blind flight,
Faster than the foliage on the trees,

Like the leaves of JNIary's plant in terror trembling. (?)

On Friday will come the dool cloud of darkness,
The direst dread that ever came over the world,
Leaving multitudes bereft of reason.

Grass and fish beneath the same flagstone.
On Saturday will come the great sea,
Rushing like a mighty river,
All will be at their best.

Hastening to a hill of safety.

On Sunday will arise my King,
Full of ire and tribulation,
Listening to the bitter maudlin of each man,
A red cross on each right shoulder.

But what I enjoy about texts like this is how an older age shines through. Tell me that this does not have Druidy roots!?!


Dandelion, smooth garlic,
Foxglove, woad, and butterwort.
The three carle-doddies,
And marigold.

Gray ' eailpeach ' plucked,
The seven -pronged seven times,
The mountain yew, ruddy heath,
And madder.

I will put water on them all,
In precious name of the Son of God,
In name of Mary the generous,
And of Patrick.

When we shall sit down
To take our food,
I will sprinkle in the name of God
On the children.

Similar Irish folklore collections have a fair share of curses. Indeed, some of the old Irish saints were quite adept at bringing down some fulsome curses, and blasting off all manner of chaos that would not be out of place in World of Warcraft!!

But best of all in these old tracts, is where the bets were hedged. And blessings invoked from the old Gods and new (or ambiguously worded entities).


Bless, O Chief of generous chiefs.
Myself and everything anear me.
Bless me in all my actions,
Make Thou me safe for ever,

Make Thou me safe for ever.

From every brownie and ban-shee,
From every evil wish and sorrow,
From every nymph and water-wraith,
From every fairy-mouse and grass-mouse,

From every troll among the hills.
From every siren hex pressing me.
From every ghoul within the glens,
Oh ! save me till the end of my day.

Oh ! save me till the end of my day.

And you can see later reflections too. How about this? Shades of Druids Prayer?


God guide me with Thy wisdom,
God chastise me with Thy justice,
God help me with Thy mercy,
God protect me with Thy strength.


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