Gaelic equivalents for druidic terms used in Gwersi

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Gaelic equivalents for druidic terms used in Gwersi

Post by elementalheart » 13 Dec 2011, 18:49

I am relatively new here but notice there is much more use of Welsh/Irish than Scots Gaelic in the terminology - gwersi for instance and awen.. I'd prefer to use the language of the land here but am not a native speaker, only did a couple of years night classes, but given awen has such deep connections contained within it, I don't want to use the wrong equivalent and miss the all important resonance. Anam is the closest I can think of but as I say my knowledge is very limited!

Would any native speakers help out here? Is Anam going to convey the same meaning as Awen or is there another term originating the same sense which is/was used within the Scots druidic tradition?
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