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Books for Pagan Children

Post by Panthera » 22 Sep 2012, 19:53

I hope it is ok to post these here, but i have been looking around for different books to buy and read to my children. In my search i came across a book called Rupert's Tales - The wheel of the year. i brought it and found it is a great book and my daughter loves it. I found the Author on facebook and contacted her to see what more she maybe writing, she has a load of ideas and new books coming soon. However she says they not coming till early next year... Anyway she offered to help me in my search for good books for children and has given me the following links, and has said i can share with others too.
There books can be found on amazon. ... 027&sr=1-4 ... gy_b_img_b

These are the links Kyrja has given to me. ... c/home.asp ... ce=message

Also in my Amazon search i found this book: Pagan Stories for Chidren - A fairys first year in the forest of songs.
About a newborn fairy and how she learns about making friends and discovering who she is and how she finds out how to honor the earth and the changing seasons. ... 002&sr=8-1

I hope these links can be of help to anyone looking for new books to read or books to read to children.
Thankyou fo rreading this post.
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Re: Books for Pagan Children

Post by Lauralyle » 20 Oct 2012, 22:42

This is helpful, thank you. I may rush and get Rupert's Wheel of the Year book in time for my Samhain turn at my daughter's primary school on Wednesday - I feel it might be more appropriate to read a story (see my post on this board entitled "talking to primary school children about samhain"). Your list here has been really useful and may solve my dilemna, thanks.

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Re: Books for Pagan Children

Post by illion » 21 Oct 2012, 10:11

I have posted on the other thread as you probably already have seen.

Telling a story would be a very good idea. Maybe a little bit of reading, talking and answering questions?
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