How do you feel about your job?

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How do you feel about your job?

Do you love your job?
Do you like your job?
Are you indifferent to your job?
Do you dislike your job?
Do you hate your job?
Total votes: 240

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Re: How do you feel about your job?

Post by ShadowCat » 20 Oct 2014, 07:05


Your story is very realistic: when we visit idylic places like your island, we see the beauty, we don't have to work, and enjoy ourselves. Living as an islander is a whole different story: it's making do with what is, also in the quiet times, when the weather is cold and the tourists have fled. In my humble opinion it takes strong character to live on an island, but it also builds strong character.

Understaffing and overtaxing (and underpaying) in carework is a big problem in the Netherlands as well. Since several of my friends work in that field, I see their experiences and feel blessed with my stuffy deskjob again. Being abused by the people you bust your ass to work for is especially painful. I wish for you that either things change on the job, or that a better job comes your way.

If there is an upside to this whole globalinternetthingy, it is that you can work from home for businesses all over the world. Maybe investigating that would help?

Best wishes!
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Re: How do you feel about your job?

Post by Greytrack » 20 Oct 2014, 09:01

Thanks Shadowcat.

I'm sorry it was such a grim post but I don't think very many people realise what care work really is. There are days when you feel good about what you do - but, sadly, they are very few and far between.

I'd love to work from home but my IT skills are not that great. Never mind :) Something will turn up.

I've really been enjoying the OBOD course so far - it's like diving into a calm, blue ocean after a day being tossed about in a storm! :D

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Re: How do you feel about your job?

Post by SilaquiNL » 23 Jan 2015, 23:20

I love what I do. I have always strived to do what I love. Sometimes I had to do work that I did not like as much to get me where I am today. i can't see myself doing somethingh just to earn money. i want to do a job because it matters, to me, to the people I work with.

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Re: How do you feel about your job?

Post by WhiteWolf_66 » 03 Jan 2016, 03:54

I am a bit torn between liking my job and being indifferent to it so I voted in the exact middle. I work with a lot of people in a very fluid/volatile environment. I have been in this industry for 21 years and though I have made a respectable living at it I can't say that it has been a wonderful journey for me. I have traveled from Maiden to Crone in this job and in a lot of ways it has molded me into the person I have become. At my age (49 and clearly not holding) I now work directly with the young up-and-coming, a lot of whom do not take well to being corrected, questioned or guided along their path. I find myself doing the very thing I joked about when I was younger, complaining about the young. "These kids don't have the respect we had when we were young." "Whatever happened to just doing what you were told and not arguing about it?" "Are people raising their kids to be pompous jerks now?" Lol! Realistically, the only thing that has changed is me. This manner of thinking will forever occur among the generations but, now that it is occurring to me I am seriously questioning my ability to remain in my present employment for another 10 to 15 years. I can clearly see how the 'crabby old folks' came to be that way.

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Re: How do you feel about your job?

Post by Northwind » 05 Jan 2016, 20:54

i could do my work with my eyes closed. been doing it for 15 years and i've seen it all. that is one of the reasons why i started studying, to find a new challenge.

i will say one thing. my work has taught me an awful lot. i don't work with people, i work with text. one of the things i have given much thought recently is how people deal with written text. i am starting to feel as if many people have a sort of superstitious way of dealing with text. and i don't mean just holy books, i mean with all text. i also find that many people don't consider the context when they are reading, on any level.
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Re: How do you feel about your job?

Post by Datura » 28 Jan 2016, 06:25

I'm a social services worker. I specialize it reviewing what's called MAGI Medicaid, meaning I work with parents and their minor children. I love my job. It give me a chance to make a positive impact on the world. When I can help people get and keep their medical coverage, it's the best feeling in the world. The job has its stresses for sure, but it's so worth it to me.

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Re: How do you feel about your job?

Post by Old Shep » 17 Mar 2016, 22:29

I'm pretty happy with my job. I'm independent which is great and I get to work outdoors in a natural setting.

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Re: How do you feel about your job?

Post by Jasper » 23 Mar 2016, 22:42

Today is one of the good days to be in my job. Storm damage has knocked out the power to some infrastructure on the eve of a long weekend. I have been dropped off with a generator and several cans of gas and some earmuffs till the power comes back on.
So despite the hum of the gender it's just me and nature. It's got that wonderful after storm energy that I love.

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Re: How do you feel about your job?

Post by BlackRose » 10 Apr 2016, 19:13

Interesting topic. I was torn, but put "like" in the end because it's complicated. I have no viable choices at present aside from my current job, and I have used my OBOD and Reclaiming (wiccan) training to come to terms with it.

I work in a museum and took my job originally because I was--and am--in love with my workplace. I began as a hands-on preservationist in a collection of historic vessels. I began as a volunteer and went on to become an employee. When I was injured and no longer able to do the hands-on work, I became an office worker, and am working my way into the interpetation staff. That job is primarily about helping visitors form their own emotional connections to the resource, and secondarily about imparting information. To me, that is a completely bardic task. On the side, I still do some of what I've always done, magic and visualization to keep the ships above water. I see them passed hand to hand down the years, from one sailor to the next. Without people who love and care for them, ships do not survive, and if I cannot work on them physically any more, I can do so energetically, and use my trained eye to notify people who do work on them of things I've seen. I see myself as praise poet and witch in the Sanctuary of the Ladies. And no, I don't tell my workmates this--they would pat me on the head and take me as a nutty old lady.

I think it's completely possible, and a healthy adaptation, to see a job in mythic terms. There's no reason to leave one's spirituality at home, because we are embodied for a reason, changing and growing in physical bodies in a physical world. There need be no separation and an Awen worn underneath a uniform is no less powerful than one openly displayed. There are things about my job that are wildly unfair and absolutely wrong, and while I can do little to change many of them, there are places where I can make a difference. I have never had a job where that was not so in some way, and I am actively looking for other employment. But while I am there, I will do what I can. My employer signs my paycheck, but I do not work for my employer. I work for the Ladies, the visitors who come to see them and whom I work to inspire, and the people yet unborn who will stand in my place a century from now, the Ladies floating high and proud at the dock and being passed, as they were in my time, and in the century before, from hand to hand.
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Re: How do you feel about your job?

Post by BCPantheist » 16 Apr 2016, 06:58

In my own case, I'm working for a company that has a history of not operating with integrity, and which has been taking advantage of a government incentive programme that was meant to assist Canadian companies to find workers overseas, if insufficient numbers were found locally; in their case, they were actually tossing-out applications from locals, in-favour of the overseas applicants, because the government programme paid $6/hour of whatever wage the company paid, plus other perks and bonuses to the "temporary" foreign workers.

Many of us were suspicious of the seeming influx of foreign workers, but not until I saw text-message conversations and government documents to confirm it were the suspicions proven well-founded.

The workers brought over were paid ridiculous wages, and had to be shuffled into positions in the company for which they weren't suited, because their wages couldn't be explained-away.

Suffice to say, I've had to really sit-down and contemplate my future, and have concluded that I've never been truly happy working for others, preferring to be my own boss.
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