Native plant databases

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Re: Native plant databases

Post by Huathe » 15 Sep 2010, 05:32

Eastern United States
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Re: Native plant databases

Post by helenoftheways » 04 Nov 2010, 00:48

tecuani wrote:Plants For A Future
That's a super resource, tecuani! :)
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Re: Native plant databases

Post by EagleEye » 14 Apr 2014, 01:47

Here are a couple of wildflower resources, the first is US-wide database and the second is for Western Pennsylvania:
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Re: Native plant databases

Post by Quintessence » 24 Mar 2015, 18:37

Oh gosh, I have so many of these I could probably share.

The Gymnosperm Database (
This website is a great storehouse of information about gymnosperms. It features some beautiful botanical illustrations, distribution maps, ethnobotanical lore, and is properly cited and referenced.

Botany Photo of the Day (
The University of British Columbia regularly publishes gorgeous photos and an accompanying article showcasing the wonderful biodiversity of our botanical brethren.

Illinois Wildflowers (
Perhaps the most beautiful plant reference I have come across. Though the distribution maps are specific to Illinois this resource is useful for anyone who lives in ecoregion of the United States that will share species with the state.
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