Campaign Groups and sucker lists

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Campaign Groups and sucker lists

Postby thehollyandtheivy » 24 Jun 2015, 14:46

I have a problem. I am a member of a number campaign groups which campaigns on many areas of environmental concerns. I feel on some subjects inclined to donate but in today's climate I am very aware that even the most well known charities have been known to sell on details, the so called sucker lists! Have any members been victim to this sort of pressure or have any ideas on how to avoid such pitfalls?
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Re: Campaign Groups and sucker lists

Postby DaRC » 25 Jun 2015, 13:11

Yes I have stripped down my charity involvement to those I really care about, e.g. I've had no issues with the Wildlife Trusts or Greenpeace. Otherwise I'll do one-off anonymous donations, if they want contact details I don't bother.

Before, particularly as a cyclist, I was roped into various charity events and this led to spam from those and other charities which I don't really care about. I've now pared that down (sadly as I don't mind the one off support) due to the volume of waste paper etc...
and waste of my time even so far as the hardest selling & most unpleasant cold phone call I've ever received from telesales on behalf of one charity.
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Re: Campaign Groups and sucker lists

Postby DJ Droood » 25 Jun 2015, 17:33

I go right to the source and give directly to street people. Maybe they'll buy food...maybe they will buy crack..but i know they won't call me at supper time.
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Re: Campaign Groups and sucker lists

Postby Aphritha » 25 Jun 2015, 18:09

When asked for money, I usually offer to let the person asking clean my car. Change gets lost all over in there! Someone once found twenty bucks! But, other than the individual who found the twenty(who was a kid who wanted junk from the store), no one ever takes me up on it, so I figure they don't want it that bad...

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