Should Druid’s smoke

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Re: Should Druid’s smoke

Post by Badgerheart » 25 Apr 2019, 13:39

I think is makes sense to differentiate between habits and addiction. Doing something regularly does not necessarily mean you are addicted. One sign of addiction is, as I understand it, is that you keep doing whatever you are addicted to even if you do not really want to.

Also, I think one should be careful about making a shibboleth out of any one single activity. Yes, smoking is harmful, but so is, for example, eating resource-demanding food such as meat or avocado, travelling by plane, buying a lot of stuff, driving a car, living in a large house and so on. Many of these things are probably far more harmful than smoking. If we should try and eliminate certain harmful practices, I think "should Druids travel by plane?" is a more relevant question to ask.

(If smoking shaves a few years of your lifespan, it would even mean we will have less time to do all those other harmful things, so the net effect might well be positive...)

Instead of creating a set of rules and taboos, I think we should say that Druids should strive to live in tune with the cycles of nature and limit their ecological footprint, and, in recognition of people being different, acknowledging that there are different ways of doing that.

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