Who to contact for what

How to gain access and other information
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Who to contact for what

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Access to the forums: Lost password or other technical issues pertaining to the forum ONLY (NOT the course or your membership in OBOD): Missing gwersi, online access to gwersi, or anything else relating to the course (but NOT the forums): To request a mentor: To request a username change:
Send me a PM (not an email) with the name you'd like to use instead; if it's available, I'll change it for you.

Please note: the forums and the courses are managed separately, so the office can't help you with the forums and I can't help with your gwersi.

Also, please use either obodforumaccess@druidry.org or administrators@druidry.org to contact me about the forums; I don't closely monitor selene@druidry.org because it's basically a catchall email for forum notifications (and way too much spam).

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