Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Guidelines

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Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Guidelines

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Resolving Conflict and Peacekeeping Efforts
No matter how much care we take in reading and posting, there will be occasions when misunderstandings will occur and conflicts will arise. The moderators and administrators are here to help keep the peace in such circumstances. They are volunteers, appointed by OBOD, who are committed to helping create a positive environment. The moderators and administrators will often sit in a round-table discussion before actions are taken to ensure that the best resolution is given.

Reporting a Post
If you see a post that you think violates the Registration Agreement (q.v.) or which you find offensive, you can report it to the moderators by clicking the "!" button that appears on each post.

If you are unhappy about the way a discussion is being conducted or the content of a particular thread then write to one of the moderators of the forum. The moderators are open and approachable and would prefer to know about any problem sooner rather than later. The best way to do this is via a PM (Private Message) through the message board with a description of the discussion and if possible the link to the particular thread. Say what you don’t like, and what you would like the moderators to do.

If you receive a private message that is in violation of the Registration Agreement, e.g., has abusive, harassing, obscene, etc. content, please forward it to a moderator or administrator so that action can be taken against the offender.

If another member has reported a post of yours, the moderator(s) will take the action that s/he feels best resolves the request and will discuss the resolution with you via PM or e-mail. (See below for various moderation tools.)

Moderating a Thread
The moderators will use their experience and knowledge to decide what to do, whether they are alerted to an inappropriate post or discussion or discover it on their own. Any action taken is at their discretion. Some of the options open to them are:
  1. Posting to the thread. A moderator might post to a thread reminding the participants of the need for respect.
  2. Contacting the poster and asking for an edit. A moderator may pm or e-mail an individual to suggest that they edit their thread to be more in harmony with the philosophies indicated above.
  3. Editing the thread. There may be occasions when the moderators need to edit a post. If this is done the edit will be clearly marked and the reason given. (Exceptions to this might be an edit for resizing a visual, correcting a posted URL or graphic link or such general errors that would make the thread more easily read and are truly not an edit to content.)
  4. Locking a thread. A moderator may lock a thread for various reasons, including but not limited to, a thread having degenerated into an argument between only a few people, a “cool down” period, or if the thread has become redundant and appears to not be progressing. This will only be done when it is evident that there is nothing to be gained by allowing a thread to continue. A reason will always be posted as to why it was felt necessary. Exceptions to this may be an announcement or “sticky” where the moderator or administrator prefers to not have posts added to that particular thread.
  5. Deleting or removing a thread. In some circumstances a post or thread may be deleted or removed from the view of the message board members. An example would be if it were so offensive or detrimental, that to allow it to remain would be irresponsible (e.g., posting links to XXX web sites) or inappropriate (e.g., if its content contains personal insults, hate speech, or is otherwise contrary to the Registration Agreement). This message board aims to be a good representation of OBOD and Druidry and will not allow material to remain that could bring the forums into disrepute.
  6. Suspension. If a member shows continual or repeated disregard for requests to temper his or her behavior, it may be necessary to suspend certain privileges for a time, including the privilege of posting on the board. This is an administrative decision and if executed, the suspended individual will be contacted with the decision, the reasons for, and the duration of such a suspension. While permanent suspension or banning is rare, it should be noted that this is a possibility. (Exceptions to this are spammers, trolls, and other like individuals who have registered only for the purpose of pursuing commercial, racist, or other inappropriate agendas; these are banned immediately and without discussion once they are discovered.)
Process of Appeal
If you feel that an action taken by a moderator was incorrect, please contact that moderator privately and discuss your differences. If, after doing so, you have not found resolution in discussion with that moderator, contact one of the administrators, giving a brief summary of the problem and how you would like to see it resolved. Options include PM, on-line chat, a private ad hoc forum, etc. The administrators will work with you and the moderator to try to resolve the problem. After the appeal discussion has been completed, the administrators will tell you their decision.

Remember, treat others as you like to be treated. All paths and opinions are respected and welcomed, but nastiness, harassment, and sarcasm are not.

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