How to Post an Avatar

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How to Post an Avatar

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How to change or add an Avatar

Step 1
To use an image from the OBOD Dynamic Gallery:

Click on Avatars on the top menu of the page , or click here

Browse around on the   OBOD Dynamic Gallery  to find an Avatar you like (click the + sign to open each gallery, not the name of the gallery, which gives you a "Forbidden" error!). When you find one, right click on the image and select  “Save Image As”,  

Follow the screen prompts to save the image on your computer, and remember where you put it.


Step 2
To upload an avatar from your computer:

Click on Profile in the main options set of the message board.

Scroll down to the Avatar  Control panel at the bottom of the page and click on Browse

Find the file name of your Avatar on your computer and double click it.  The file location of your avatar should now be in the box next to the Browse button.

Click Submit.


If you wish to use your own Avatar, be sure it follows these  size constraints:
its width can be no greater than 150 pixels, the height no greater than 150 pixels, and the file size no more than 30 KB.
and follow Step 2 above.


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