FAQS about the Writers' Grove

FAQs, Guidelines and other general disucssions concerning writing-open to all board membership.
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FAQS about the Writers' Grove

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Writers’ Grove? The Writers’ Grove is a collection of serious writers seeking to improve their writing through interaction with others seeking the same.

2. Why the Writers’ Grove? A few Board members suggested that it would be nice to have a place where individuals could appraise written works and provide constructive criticism of the same. For the suggested guidelines for critique, please see the information provided in this forum.

3. Who can join the Writers’ Grove? Any Message Board member can join the Writers’ Grove so long as she or he agrees to the suggested guidelines. Please keep in mind that those who join are expected to contribute by both submitting works to be appraised and providing appraisal for others. As the saying goes, "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch." So be prepared to work!

4. When can I join the Writers’ Grove? Anytime! However, since there may already be a few projects in progress when you join, we suggest that you introduce yourself and your piece so that others are aware you are new to the forum.

5. How do I join the Writers' Grove? Post your request to join, as well as your agreement to the guidelines indicated above. The Group Leaders will add you to the Group as soon as possible. Please note that these guidelines are subject to change.

6. Will everyone on the Message Board be able to read my work? No, only those who have requested access to the writing portion will be able to read your works. In establishing this forum, we recognized that many are shy or nervous about sharing their work initially, especially if they are requesting appraisal. In addition, some are nervous about providing critique. For this reason, you should only post your works in the portion of the forum for critiquing. If you wish to share a specific work to all on the message board, please feel free to post in the established writing forums.

7. How much can I post for review at a time? The limit is a 2500-2800 word count no more than twice a week.

8. What if I don't abide by the suggested guidelines and insist on providing mean-spirited criticism just for the sake of criticism? The guidelines are suggestions to help provide constructive criticism. As with all forums on the message board, we ask for individuals to treat others with respect and avoid offensive behavior. Repeated offensive criticism may result in removal from the forum. For more information on the philosophy behind this message board, including this forum, please look HERE.
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