DruidCraft weekly study group the Five’s

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DruidCraft weekly study group the Five’s

Post by coyoteblack » 07 Jul 2014, 05:49

DruidCraft weekly study group the Five’s

The Fives are a major turning point in the minors. Normally the fives are the challenges of each suit meant to push us forward after the stability of the fours. This prevents us from going stagnant, stale or just getting caught up in old thinking and behaviors.
In the DruidCraft the fives illustrate the story of Caridwen and Taliesin, where Caridwen chased Taliesin and forced him to transform into four different creatures.

All the fives have a part of this story in them; they relate to the moment of crisis that proceeds and is often a necessary part of transformation - hence the relation to the fives.

If you look at the fives in this deck you will see the greyhound chasing the hare, the otter chasing the salmon, the hawk chasing the wren and the hen swallowing the grain.

Five of Wands
Element - Fire
There are five youths sparring with staves. Everyone is smiling except maybe Taliesin who is a grain in the foreground about to be eaten by Ceridwen in the foreground.
The passion and community spirit of fire plus the natural divine spark can run into trouble with the challenges the fives offer.
Plus this is where Ceridwen actually catches Taliesin.
This card is about competition this can start off friendly but can become dangerous if left unchecked

Five of Cups
Element –Water
A man in a grey cloak has two upright cups behind him and three spilled cups next to him. The otter is chasing what will be Taliesin but the salmon is still making a fight of it.
The emotions and dreamlike quality of water seems to be lost with the challenges of the fives. The otter chasing the salmon, and the three spilled cups illustrate the feeling of loss the man in the grey cloak exudes depression.

Five of Swords
There is a Hawk chasing a wren in the sky above and a man walking away in the same direction. He looks to have lost a conflict with the man in the foreground holding three swords and two swords are at his feet.
The sword suit is ruled by air the element of cold reason, logic, and verbal communication. The swords can be about strife. Unlike the friendly competition in the five of wands this was a tough fight and the person who lost feels every bit of pain a person can. This is a card of defeat, humiliation and loss.

Five of Pentacles
Element of Earth
The hound is chasing the hare while a woman is leaning against a tree she is in such sorrow and utter loss you kind of want to hug the stuffing out of her.
This is one of the most painful cards in the deck. Financial loss and hardship. The element of earth is about physical gains and loss health and things we can touch. The hare and greyhound are some serious fast animals and the way the lady looks at them it is like she see everything she hold dear leaving and can’t stop it .


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