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DruidCraft weekly study group Nines

Post by coyoteblack » 04 Aug 2014, 05:23

DruidCraft weekly study group Nines


The nines are an ending or completion of sorts. Numerology starts at 0 and ends at 9. It is the end of the long haul “you are done” Now this reflects through each element and suit, so the ending of a sword/air is completely different then the ending of cups/water. Usually it is a good thing to as odd numbers are related to grown and movement where the even are related to stability.
Keywords: Completeness-idealism-Leadership
Message is: Beyond the limits of all knowing is depth and power. The mystery of life is unfathomable.

Nine of Wands
Description: A man who has one arm in a sling is holding a staff standing behind 8 spears , he is on the high ground and tired.
Keywords: Final challenge Caution
This card is a lot like the 7 of wands, but where the 7 is in the fight and young the 9 is at the fights end. You expanded all the energy you can and you held on for dear life but my goodness it over take a breath you fought the good fight and you are still standing .
This can also be about expecting another fight it is when a person has been fighting so long all they know how to do is fight on and keep fighting and you are at wits end.

Nine of Cups
Description: A man sits at a table with a large fish as a center piece and 8 cups on the table. He is dressed in many colors signifies wealth and he is an older gentlemen and looks like he has gained wisdom from a long life and many choices that has worked out for him.
Keywords: Contentment –Achievement-Realization of dreams
This card has a history as “the wish card” but unlike the pentacles this is more about emotional fulfillment attainment of wealth and happy with it . As opposed to people who never have enough. This man has learned to love the one your with.
The other side is a man stuck in his ways or resting on laurels but generally this is considered one of the best cards in the entire minors.

Nine of Swords
Description: There is a man awake in his bed with both hands covering his face. He has not slept in a while. There are 9 swords resting on the wall behind him. The man has a look of anguish and his mind will not let him rest.
Keywords: Sorrow –Anguish- Mental Cruelty

Some cards I always have a problem with and assigning emotional troubles to a suit dedicated to logic always confused me. I had to live through some things to realize you mind creates your reality by focus and sometimes hanging on to something for no reason or just the inability to mentally let go .
This card is about not letting go it is about the thoughts that keep a person up at night rife with anger and frustration
There is a good side, as the card suggests “ wake up’ look around it is not as bad as it appears and will get better . If I see this card I would think it is a message to calm down and meditate.

Nine of Pentacles
A solitary woman in a white dress with golden Celtic knot work adorning the top. She is holding a falcon with a green falcon glove. She is standing in a garden with a barren tree with 9 pentacles on the wall next to her.
Keywords: Gain-Pleasures-Living your ideals
This person has gained some wealth she is happy and content and she works for it. She has every right in the world to stand in her walled garden and be happy and she is going to.
The other side is a focus on money and forgets to share it with others so it turns into a 5 of pentacles situation.
The nines show and ending a completion and pentacles are about material things so this can be a very happy card.


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